Prince Presents Barbra Striesand With Award; Gives Away 1.5 Million To Charities

Prince, Neil Portnow, & Barbra Streisand. Photo: GettyImages.com
Prince, Neil Portnow, & Barbra Streisand. Photo: GettyImages.com

Prince, Neil Portnow, & Barbra Streisand. Photo: GettyImages.com

When you think of Prince, you don't really think of Barbra Streisand.  But at last night's MusiCares event where she was getting an award, it was none other than the "Purple One" giving her the award.  Butta!

Prince introduced her with one line...and seriously....after the performers and others talking about Striesand, one line is all you needed because you knew Barbra was gonna talk girl!

Before Prince landed in L.A. this weekend, and before kicking Kim Kardashian off his stage for not dancing, Prince was very charitable.  He gave $1 million dollars to the Harlem Children Zone, $250,000 to The Uptown Dance Academy and another $250,000 to The American Ballet Theatre. 

Prince is in town for the grammys and then some.

We here rumblings of Prince doing some shows in Los Angeles and wonder if like last time it will be for celebs eyes only or will the public lay witness to the funk man?  All we can say is that is like earthquakes in L.A.; it is going to happen, we just don't know when.-Dr.FB

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com

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  1. And eye wonder why Prince looks like that at Misty? Bria Valente is out of the game 😉 ? Misty was his date at this event, huh? Wanna c more pictures of that night. Misty is hot!!!

  2. I see someone got a spray tan LOL He needs to come to Minneapolis and quit playing for the celebs only crowds. PRINCE Stop neglecting your real fans and do a real tour with new setlists. His lifestyles of the rich and famous persona is old and tired.

  3. @shebop

    Eye wonder was he a special request by Miss Streisand?

  4. It was great to see him Friday night – everyone just wished he had performed….

  5. Diggin’ the extra gleam in his eyes. 🙂

  6. Wow! I never would have guessed Prince would be presenting an award to Miss Streisand. That is the ultimate good look 4 him…..U can’t get no more grander than that….Let’s hope he won’t adopt her ticket prices here in LA….lol

  7. Prince looked amazing thanx 4 sharing the info

  8. Wow Prince sooo beautiful <3
    Thanx 4 the news Doc

  9. Oy….(sigh)

  10. Douglas…..what eyeliner?
    One day you’ll be resurrected to confuse beauty with – that’s how we roll naturally… No Really – you will be – One day.

  11. renato is saying ppl misunderstood that post and he knows nothing about any shows…i really like those frames. they look like mine!

  12. wow he looks supper pimpish as usual now about thease la shows … lets hope its for the fans and not just his rich friends !!!

  13. I wonder how long it took him to apply that make-up. Wow. He looks like Katy Perry with that eyeliner on.

  14. I am so happy Prince is getting recognized for his charity work! I hate it when people say he is nasty because obviously, if he was, he wouldn’t have done that. I hope he performs at the Grammys and I hope he comes to Glastonbury and the UK later this year! To Prince: I hope to see you later this year at The 02 or Wembley for my first ever Prince concert! If you do come, please not in July because I’ll be in sunny Italy or August because I’ll be away! I hope your American fans see some more of you and congratulations on winning an award for Purple Rain! I love that album! You deserve it! From a young fan

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