New Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough” Funk It Or Dunk It?

Maybe we are comparing it to the Soulja Boy song we posted earlier, but at the doctor's office, we are digging "Just Can't Get Enough" from the Black Eyed Peas.

But, again, it's your opinion that matters. Funk It or Dunk It?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Black Eyed Autotune Funk

Comments (3)
  1. ^Minutes. My bad.

  2. ^my thoughts exactly. I personally don’t care for that sound. If they (everyone except fergie) got vocal coaches, they might be able to last another 15 seconds…

  3. I wouldn’t dunk it. The song is alright.

    It is getting old, though, with the electronic voicing. Too much of it is being/has been used.

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