Get Ready For A KEM-ical Reaction

Kem Promotional Photo
Kem Promotional Photo

Kem Promotional Photo

If R&B soul artist Kem has not been on your radar, we really don't know what to say to you.  He has been on tour with El Debarge and then Musiq Soulchild for the past few months winning over fans with his performance.  It doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes ladies.

Although born in Nashville, TN, Kem calls Detroit, Michigan his home.  A self taught musician, it seemed that Kem was on his way to a bright future, until bad choices derailed him.  He has a previous history with drug abuse but is clean now and thanks his music for being there for him in the darkest of times to pull him out.  Playing weddings, and wherever he could, Kem paid his dues, released a solo record on his own, and the label he grew up with, Motown signed him.  He is going on almost a decade of being clean and living the good life.

Kem has performed for President Barack Obama and his musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Prince, Parliment Funkadelic, and Steely Dan.  He has been nominated for 2 Grammys this year, countless Soul Train Awards and NAACP image Awards. 

 His 3rd album, Intimacy is out now and is about to funk up Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego before the weekend.

Make sure to keep your eye on Kem as he is one to watch.  We will do our best by covering him and letting you know what this Funkenberry artist is up to.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: One To Root For & Keep Your Eye On

Kem Promotional Photo

Kem Promotional Photo

Comments (12)
  1. Like his hit song “Share My World”(gets some panties wet). He has a unique voice…Good spotlight Doctor..

  2. Me likey….

  3. Thanks Doc for giving us stuff that is not the same damn 10 artists played on the radio and exposing us to talented artists.

    Totally feeling is. Makes me wish I was in love…this song is that powerful…..

  4. Glad you are digging Kem. Completely feeling “Why Would You Stay” and glad the feeling is mutual…..

  5. Love kem. “Share my life” is in heavy rotation at our house… a true talent indeed. Real music for real music lovahs!!!

  6. Funk it! Love it!

  7. Ok, Doc, you haven’t led me wrong before. You turned me onto the latest from Raphael Saadiq and also Goapelle. Saw her live a few weeks ago because of your feature….and I thank you.

    I just bought 2 tix to his Warfield show Thursday. The $69.50 ones because of you Doc….. and if all goes well, will be getting some hot sex like I did after Goapelle.

    So thanking you for posting about Kem and thank you for later that night bro. :)

  8. Known about Kem for sometime.Talented cat..good songs.Nashville cat :)

  9. Thud! Dang. That is a fine piece of man. I LOVE this song. I am staying hear listening to it over n over. Didn’t hear it til 20 minutes ago…. first time.

    Doc, can we get a photo of you in a wife beater like that? Yum!

  10. I saw him in concert. He is beautiful. He is on my list of favorite concerts, second to Prince and maybe tied with Maxwell. Always on point Dr. Funkenberry!

  11. Haven’t heard of him before but..wow. He walks up and I am expecting this bass voice…but the falsetto? Wow.

    Very easy on the eyes Doc. Think you found another winner.

    Thanks for posting.

  12. He reminds me of that guy from that Janet Jackson video. Love this song. Love the video.

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