President Barack Obama

Fox News Calls Obama “Skinny, Ghetto, Crackhead”

A Fox News correspondent called President Obama a “Skinny, ghetto, crackhead” while trying to make a point about Chris Wallace from MSNBC. Chris said that hopeful Republican Presidential Nominee looks like a car bomber. I agree more with the Fox analyst that he looks more like Winnie The Pooh. Cartoon characters aside, that’s when the Fox analyst […]

President Barack Obama Celebrates His Birthday With Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson & President Barack Obama. Photo:

President Barack Obama celebrated his birthday a day early last night in front of 2,400 in his native city of Chicago.  Joining him was American Idol contestant and Academy Award Nominee Jennifer Hudson. His birthday is Today, August 4th.  Actually, so is mine.  Kind of cool right?  No? One of his daughters came home from […]

The Obama’s Will Do Final Interview With Oprah

Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, & Oprah. Photo:

President Barack Obama & Michelle Obama will do a final interview with Oprah Winfrey on her 20 year plus groundbreaking talk show, simply titled “Oprah” if you haven’t heard. The interview will take place April 27th in Chicago at Oprah’s studios, Harpo, which is Oprah spelled backwards.  You don’t want us to spell Funkenberry backwards.  The […]

Get Ready For A KEM-ical Reaction

Kem Promotional Photo

If R&B soul artist Kem has not been on your radar, we really don’t know what to say to you.  He has been on tour with El Debarge and then Musiq Soulchild for the past few months winning over fans with his performance.  It doesn’t hurt that he is easy on the eyes ladies. Although […]

The New York Post Goes Afer Obama For Flip Flops

President Barack Obama. Photo:

Man, it must be a slow news day.  Either that, or people did not want to talk about Lindsay Slowhands Lohan today.  So, the New York Post  goes after the celebrity President Barack Obama for wearing flip-flops. While vacationing in Hawaii, President Obama was spotted wearing shorts and flip flops and it seems it’s a big […]