Demi Lovato Performs Piano Version Of “Skyscraper” On Ellen

Demi Lovato was on Ellen yesterday where she discussed her problems openly and also performed “Skyscraper” on piano. We are proud of this girl. Her new album “Unbroken” was released on Tuesday and is already number 1 on I-Tunes. Enjoy Demi performing “Skyscraper” below.-DocFB Diagnosis: Demi Being Demi

Lady Gaga Performs “Hair” On Howard Stern Live

  Along with performing “Edge Of Glory” on Howard Stern’s radio show, Lady Gaga played “Hair” for Howard which he requested. Another stripped down piano version of the song.  Face it, get by all of Lady Extravaganza’s weirdness and there is major talent.  I dig her voice and her piano playing.  Glad Howard came around […]

In “My Favorite” Video, Gabe Dixon Does Piano Tricks

  In the latest video by Gabe Dixon, “My Favorite” he is seen jumping in and out of a piano quite a few times.  A special effect, right?  Nope!  It is Gabe actually going in and out of the piano by himself.  No effects, no stuntman.  Check out the latest by Gabe as “One Spark” […]

Lady Gaga Performs A Different Version Of “Edge Of Glory” For French TV

  Here is Lady Gaga performing “Edge Of Glory” on Taratata, a French Television show.  Like the other clips of Lady Extravaganza, we are digging the way she performed it…er….this way. Loving it.  Check out the newly crowned Queen of Pop performing “Edge Of Glory” and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB Diagnosis:  Running To […]