Prince: Behind The Symbol Special! Watch Now!

Here is the Prince: Behind The Symbol special.

The Africa Channel is hoping you guys can call your local cable operators and request that they carry the Africa Channel.

Enjoy the special.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Better Late Than Never

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  1. Number 7! I requested it 4 Directv…This is a must c 4 any Prince fan & wannabe Prince fan. I like the comments GL makes about Prince leaving the audience in a spiritual trance…Thx Dr FnB


  2. Thank you for keeping the Purple Family connected.
    Real music for real music lovers.

  3. thank you for sharing this and all your tweets from the concerts

  4. Fabulous! I get the Africa Channel in Houston! I had no idea they were airing this. Thanks so much for sharing! 😉

  5. Nice!

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