L.A. Weekly Names Prince’s Troubadour Show Concert Of The Year

Prince Troubadour Promo.
Prince Troubadour Promo.

Prince Troubadour Promo. Photo: Unknown

L.A. Weekly has just come out with its best of list for 2011 and Prince is mentioned for number 1 show of the year.

Along with Prince's Forum run, he did 3 shows at the House Of Blues and 2 shows at the Troubadour.

To see What L.A. Weekly had to say about Prince click HERE:


Video: Whitney Houston Joins Chaka Khan For “Tell Me Something Good”

So Chaka Khan opened for Prince last night and Whitney Houston was there n jumped on stage with Chaka for a couple of songs, including "Tell Me Something Good" and it was cool to see Whitney on a stage again.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think. Which surprise guests will be at Prince's shows tonight and tomorrow?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: She Just Wanted To Dance With Somebody


Prince Announces More Forum Dates!!!

Prince. Photo Courtesy of NPG Records For Use By Dr.Funkenberry.com
Prince. Photo Courtesy of NPG Records For Use By Dr.Funkenberry.com

Prince Copyright NPG Records 2010

Prince has just announced that he will be continuing his 21 nights in L.A. by doing 3 Forum Dates this weekend, April 28th, April 29th, and April 30th.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday respectively. 

Tickets will be going on sale Tomorrow, April 26th, at 12 Noon pacific time.  That is just a little over 48 hours before the first show.

Tickets will still be $25.00  and Mint Condition will be opening for him on Friday, like they did last week.  No word yet on Thursday or Saturday's opening acts or surprise guests.  Chaka Khan and Larry Graham were Saturday's guests (Chaka was also opening act.)  and Alicia Keys was a special surprise guest. 

Since Prince's Forum run started taking place, it has been a who's who of Hollywood going to see him such as Matt Damon, Lea Michele, Justin Timberlake, Tavis Smiley, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardiem, and more. 

Prince is the ultimate performer and even with tickets going on sale at such short notice, we are sure the Forum will be filled, just like your prescription of funk.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  If You Have Plans, You May Need To Break Them

Prince & The Twinz. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Copyright NPG Records 2011

Prince & The Twinz. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Copyright NPG Records 2011


Video: Prince Takes A Ride On His Fixie Bike

So Prince played to a sold-out crowd last night at the L.A. Forum, part of his 21 nights in L.A. at the legendary venue. He took the fans for a ride musically, and then after, he took himself for a ride.

Prince, having a little bit of fun, hopped on a fixie bike n rode around his one of a kind symbol stage, surprising fans and Forum security.

Prince can still be a jokester. Thanks to Mr.Maxwell77 & Chris G. for sending this in exclusively to us! Check out the video above as fans and security try to catch up to the music icon.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: His Other Ride Is A Little Red Corvette


Prince: Behind The Symbol Special! Watch Now!

Here is the Prince: Behind The Symbol special.

The Africa Channel is hoping you guys can call your local cable operators and request that they carry the Africa Channel.

Enjoy the special.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Better Late Than Never


Prince Is All Over L.A. For 21 Nights: Special Guests

Photo By Gigi Miranda
Photo By Gigi Miranda

Photo By Gigi Miranda

There are billboards of Prince all over Los Angeles like the one above.  Nice to see him everywhere as much as we see Kim Kardashian posters all over town.

Not only is Prince all over L.A., he has a half hour special entitled "Prince: Behind The Symbol airing on the Africa Channel.  We tried to host some of the clips on this site, but there has been some misunderstanding and we are still trying to get it worked out.

The special features pre-show comments from celebs, fans, members of Prince's band, the N.P.G., Prince's new BFF George Lopez, and more.   It also features live footage, not from L.A. but Charlotte, NC.  Funky!

Also, opening up for Prince Friday night at the Forum will be R&B group Mint Condition.


Ahem.  All I can say is it's a girl.  She's just a girl..but more than that to us.  Trust me.  You want to be there. 

N Prince, if I post the video of this....surprise performer and you....please let us have it up for at least 72 hours to share the surprise with those people in London always griping to the Doc.  K?  Thanks!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Opening night was just a taste of the FUNK!


Exclusive! George Lopez Takes Prince’s Call; 21 Nights In L.A.?

George Lopez & Prince.
George Lopez & Prince.

George Lopez & Prince.

Prince called into "Lopez Tonight" during the taping of the show earlier today  to announce he will be appearing on the show next week and will be performing 21 nights in Los Angeles at The Forum.  This is the info we were told. 

George Lopez tweeted this earlier:  You must watch tonight, TBS @ Midnight – Royalty calls with big announcement!

So, 21 nights...in Los Angeles?  At The Forum?  Wowsa!  Wonder how the shows will be spread around.

We hear the first show will be next week.

More info as it becomes available....-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  L.A. Is About To Get A Dose Of That Purple Funk