Video: Prince Takes A Ride On His Fixie Bike

So Prince played to a sold-out crowd last night at the L.A. Forum, part of his 21 nights in L.A. at the legendary venue. He took the fans for a ride musically, and then after, he took himself for a ride.

Prince, having a little bit of fun, hopped on a fixie bike n rode around his one of a kind symbol stage, surprising fans and Forum security.

Prince can still be a jokester. Thanks to Mr.Maxwell77 & Chris G. for sending this in exclusively to us! Check out the video above as fans and security try to catch up to the music icon.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: His Other Ride Is A Little Red Corvette

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  1. I’m WHEEL; WHEEL; I’m the WHEEL superbad

  2. CHAINS of LOLd

  3. He SPOKE 2 me

  4. Love him!

  5. He did this somewhere else but no one believed it……Prince is hilarious!!!. But this was very dangerous, he could have been stampeded on….Another night 2 go… When is the others going on sale?

  6. This clip is funny, love that he’s still having fun!

  7. I can’t watch. It says ”This video is private”.

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