Prince & The NBA Playoffs “Laydown” For No One

Coolness. Prince's live version of "Laydown" from the George Lopez Show is now being used for the NBA Playoffs on TNT. TBS, where the Lopez shows airs, is a sister network to TNT, and was able to obtain the rights and obviously, a deal was worked out.

The song is from his still yet to be released in the U.S. CD 2010. I always thought this song should have led off the CD.

Regardless, it's nice to see him getting face time during the playoffs as the Bulls knock off the Heat. Er..I mean attempt to.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: The Purple Bounce Bounce Invades The NBA

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  1. Prince should shoot xtra footage of him hooping. It would b even better…..

  2. Ab-so-freakin-lutely awesome!!

  3. I’ve seen this commercial several times and it makes me happy every single time! My son and I just saw Prince in Charlotte in March and if I didn’t love him already, which I absolutely did, I certainly would now. Greatest concert ever. Prince Rules!!!!!!!

  4. anyone seen this on TV yet? I have not…………but I will keep watching……

  5. The song ” Lay it down” is on the Lotus Flower album, which has already been released in the U.S. this year a long time ago. Go pick it up people. Alot of great new funk tunes on that 3 disc musical compilation.

    now lay that down!

  6. really cool!

  7. Somebody (who made this clip) did a really good job… COOL

  8. yes really like it!! prince you are so great..

  9. Saweet !! :) that was awesome!

    Oh and I take back what I said what I said bout Misty’s performance on Lopez I watched again and now I like it, I get it.

  10. Absolutely freakin love it!!! But then again, with P would I not have? Still trying to get my hands on an actual 20Ten CD!

  11. REALLY well done! Love it!!!

  12. Love it!! I think Lay It Down is the funky-est coolest song he has had out in a long time. Glad to see the world agrees!

  13. Cool commercial- ROCKIN’ performance!

  14. loved it!

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