Prince Thanks The Purple People!

Prince Welcome 2 America Thank You

Prince Welcome 2 America Thank You

With 21 Nights done in Los Angeles, Prince wants to thank you, the quarter of a million people who saw him during his 21 Night Stand.

Special thanks to George Lopez, The Troubadour, House Of Blues, Live Nation, The Fabulous Forum, and all of you Purple People who will keep Inglewood Swingin'!

What a fun and funktastic time it was.  Much Love to Prince and all of you for making this happen.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Can We Do It 1 More Time?  No?  OK

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  1. Hope you had a fantastic b’day! Thank you and your guests for the love you give to us by sharing your music and talents. You all are amazing.

  2. Thanx 2 Prince 4 sharing his amazing talent with us.
    Looking forward 2 see Prince and the NPG in Paris and Helsinki.

    Peace& love

  3. Arent we a few days shy of 21 nights? Wish he would do 21 nights at Paisley Park in MSP..even better he should come to the largest music festival in the Midwest…SUMMERFEST in Milwaukee..2 weeks of all music stages..George Clinton..Morris Day..Taj Mahal…dont miss it Prince! We be jammin at the Fest on the Lakefront..we do NOT SIT DOWN..to JAM!

  4. Thank you Prince & Happy B…. Awww, thanks for being born & sharing your music.

  5. You’re welcome. And, thanks to you, the NPG and the opening Artists all of whom shared their time and talents with us. TwentyOne Nite Stand/Welcome2America was nothing short of a well-executed exercise in supreme musicology.

    All the best to you on this day and moreso on the days to come.

  6. thank you too prince for all your beautiful music that makes people happy,see you at northsea jazz

  7. May Prince and the NPG Live4Ever !

  8. Prince Inglewood will never b the same. . Thx 4 lowering the price 2 $25, So I can bring friends that never experienced U b 4. Now they know what I been talkin about 4 over 30 years. My weekends will never b th3 same without U brotha. Know U don’t believe in age. But Happy 53 B-Day. U haven’t lost a step yet.

    “Let’s keep Hollywood Swingin”? Does that mean U comin back?

  9. Thank you Prince for letting DrFB twitter your shows. I was there in spirit for each one. I went to one of your Madison Square shows. To answer DrFB’s question: my favorite songs are Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed; Song of the Heart; Seven; Somewhere Here on Earth (I am your tech savvy hippie that would text you to keep you company). I love your jazz, love, and songs that show off your sense of humor. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. It’s your special Day !! I hope everything is well with you. God Bless you, your band, and crew. Have fun at the North Jazz Festival.

  10. No, Prince, THANK YOU for the wonderful music, the tight band, the joy of watching you get down and get funky. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. I went to 9 forum shows, the 11 pm Troubador show, and the 7pm and 10pm shows at the House of Blues. Let’s do it again soon!

  11. I saw every show at the Forum faithfully. I expereinced life to the fullest and history will record that I was part of a rebirth of a purple nation. WOW!

  12. For all the groups that made it and ones that did’nt make it love the little funky fellow for moving the funk forward, what a doggone talet.

  13. A better way to thank us would be to release a live recordings of the show(s) and an accompanying Blu-Ray disc… 😉

  14. Saw Prince 6 times at the Forum and I really need another purple fix and badly! Please come back to party with us in Inglewood Prince anytime you’d like (and The Twinz too!) – you know we’ll be there! Happy Birthday – I do declare you dont look a day over 30! 🙂

  15. Im mad at myself, because i went to 10 shows and didnt get a tamborine….ughhhh….but it was a wonderful ride…..im going thru withdrawls….cant wait till he comes again! Happy birthday Prince!!!!!

  16. I admit I am on the late freight when it comes to seeing Prince live.
    But I made up for it by seeing him 4x @ the Forum. As an adult I can really appreciate the musicianship he exudes. I truly forgot how old he was each time I went. Born & raised in Inglewood, I really appreciate him coming here. I’ll be singing ” INGLEWOOD SWINGING” for the rest of my purple life. 🙂

  17. I saw him 5 times at the Forum! HE WAS FANTASTIC!

  18. Awww the baby hairs in this pic are so cute! Happy Born Day P! 🙂

  19. Dude is SO amazing, he managed to pull off a 21 night stand in 17 nights!!!

    Not a complaint here…. I loved every minute of it!

  20. That’s very sweet, but we’d like to thank HIM! This was an amazing purple ride that I’m glad I was there for so many times! This purple girl is hooked and will be at his shows even when he’s 73 because yeah, I think he’s got it in him to perform that long!

    Here’s a thread started on Prince.org that people should add to….let him know how much he’s appreciated!

  21. That’s cool he thanked everyone now what to do about the withdraw lol

  22. 21 nites is soooo not enuff… but I’ll take it and am grateful to have funked with the best of the best for three of those nites 🙂

    Dr. FB -hope u don’t mind that I reposted (and credited) this on my blog

  23. Honored to have been a part of it – can’t wait to see more shows! xoxo 2 Prince and the NPG

  24. wow nice 2 see Prince thank his fans and friends


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