Mayte Garcia Set For New TV Show…?

We just got a tip that Mayte Garcia, the ex-wife of music icon Prince, and ex-fiance of rocker Tommy Lee is about to shoot a new TV show. Word is that the show starts filming/production today in the San Fernando Valley.  We are waiting to hear more info from either Mayte or the crew. We […]

Video: Mayte “Ain’t No Place Like U”

  OK, so a little bit ago, I was invited to watch a burlesque show by Cherry Boom Boom starring Mayte. She did a sword dance and then did one of the songs that she recorded and wrote with Prince.  The song is “Ain’t No Place Like U” and here is her performance in all it’s glory.  […]

Photos Of Mayte Dancing At Dita Event

Here is some photos sent in by Mayte of the show she did a couple of weeks ago with Dita Von Teese. Thank you Mayte for sending them in to us. 🙂  OK Mayte, I give in and need to ask. What does the tat on your foot say? Thanks again for sharing these photos […]

Dita Von Teese & Mayte Turn It Out @ Avalon

So it seems we were not the only ones having trouble getting photos of Dita Von Teese & Mayte Garcia performing a couple of weeks ago.. The photo above of Dita is the only one I took before some security dude told me to chill on taking photos or else. Guess my pink wristband was […]

Mayte Garcia Talks About Performance This Week

As we told you before, friend of the site, Mayte Garcia is dancing as part of Dita Von Teese’s show this Wednesday at the Avalon/Bardot club in Hollywood. I asked if she had anything she wanted to share with me and all of you about the show and what she has been up to.  She […]