Usher Releases Video For “Scream” As New CD Is Set For #1

It may seem that "Scream" has been out for months...and you are right. The video however, just came out this week along with "Looking For Myself" which should knock Adele from the number 1 spot on the Billboard Charts.

We are sure Usher rather dance around the charts then do the dance he has been doing in the court room lately.

Although repitive, the song is almost infectious as "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepson. We are a fan of both and you can consider them guilty pleasures.

Check out the video for "Scream" above and let us know what you think.-DocFB


Usher Performs “Scream” & “Climax” On SNL; Makes Us Do Neither

Usher took to SNL this weekend and performed 2 new songs "Scream" & "Climax" and although the titles were suggestive and wanting you to do them, and I did like "Scream" it did not make me want to do it.

Usher is hitting that level of being a veteran act but still stuck with the "ooh baby, baby" mentality he had with other hits. We love the breakdown of "Scream" but wonder where is the man who gave us "Confessions" and "Nice & Slow" about 10 years ago?

"Climax" to me was just to show off he still works out hard and has the big guns. It was slightly long. Although "Climax" is straight forward in it's title, he did not go the way of Brian McKnight wanting to show you how your you know what works.

Perhaps these songs were not meant for the male listener but doesn't Usher want us choosing those songs while with our ladies? "Climax" may make it there in time but I am not so sure about "Scream" this time.

What did U think Of Usher's performances? At least he sang live.-DocFB


Prince Talking Loud & Saying Something!

Belgium, you really are funky!  I am not just saying that because I love your waffles and females.  I'm saying that because the man Prince took to a megaphone in front of you guys for you all to hear him and even did his little Princely scream for you all!

Prince took the megaphone and asked "If you are ready to party" before making sure it was 4 funky!

Prince has been enjoying his European tour and killer Hop Farm performance as I heard from many fans that these shows have been some of Prince's best shows ever.  Fans even having to add they have seen him dozens upon dozens of times but these shows have been mind-blowing.

We have said it before and will say it again, Prince is the Greatest Of All Time. The GOAT, baby!

Hopefully, this video stays up (Ahem, hi Prince!) because we think it's funky and we would like to share more with you.  Thanks to Prince fan Sven for the hook-up!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  No Burqa's Were Harmed During This Video (What? Too Soon?)


Exclusive: Michael Jackson’s Kids Leave Janet’s Show In Tears

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry
Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

Last Thursday night, Janet Jackson performed at the Gibson Ampithetre and Katherine Jackson, Janet's mom, took Michael Jackson's kids to see Aunt Janet's show.

We are told that Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket were having a good time...up until the middle of the show. 

In the middle of the show, Janet does "Scream" the duet she did in the 90's with her brother.  His vocals are played during the performance and on the screen behind her and the sides, was video of "Scream" which featured the kids father, Michael Jackson.

The kids were in tears and left during "Scream" and what we find interesting is that Jermaine Jackson just saw the show 4 days before as he was sitting behind us.  Seems that maybe Katherine and Jermaine would have talked or even Janet letting Katherine know about MJ being shown.

The last number "Together Again" features Janet and Michael through the years.  We wonder if the kids could have made it to the end of the show what would have happened.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Not For All Children

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry