Sherri Shepherd Wants Prince To Crash Her Wedding Like Bieber


Sherri Shepherd took to "The View" today to talk about her wedding.  As the ladies of "The View" were talking about how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez crashed a wedding over the weekend. They heard Justin's music playing and they went to the wedding reception and Justin decided to sing at the wedding.  Sherri, who is getting married mid-August, put it out there that she hoped Prince crashes her wedding. 

Hmm.  We did hear of Prince performing at the wedding for one of his female singers, Shelby J., earlier this year.  Would Prince crash Sherri's wedding?  We believe he has tour dates until mid-August.  Could he or would he do it?

We do not have video of today's "The View" yet but here is video footage above of Prince on "The View" last December talking about his "Welcome 2 America" tour and his shows at Madison Square Garden.  She looks at Prince like she is about to lose her shiz a few times before she makes the "I wanted to make love to you my entire life comment." 

Sherri put it out there, jokingly, but  let's see what happens.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Will Prince Do Bar-Mitzvah's 2?

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  1. Sherri’s reation is CLASSIC!

  2. Sherri trying to catch Prince on her wedding day, :lol:

  3. Prince could crash my car and I’d still be happy!

  4. Seriously, he can crash mine, knock out the groom and take his place!!! Lol

  5. Crashing weddings seems to be in vogue.

  6. Hulu has clips and episodes of The View daily.

  7. It would be cool for Sherri if PRINCE shows up at the wedding … Hmmm I wonder if Sherri sent him an invatation ?

  8. Prince, Shelby and Andy walk in, guitars in hand, P and Shelby start singing nothing compares 2 u. Andy starts strumming, Prince takes her guitar away. Shelby brings her a pen and an easle with large tablet of blank paper, the song continues… She proceeds to draw Sherri in her wedding dress with the skill and precision of a 3 year old. As the final verse is sung Andy tears off the page and crumples it into a ball and throws it at the bride and groom striking Sherri in the left eye. Awaits applause.

  9. Prince & Andy should sing a duet there of “Take me Wit U” & Prince & Shelby should do “Nothing compares 2 U”…That would be a gr8 idea & Sherri will remember that 4ever….

  10. I bet Andy Allo would love to get her 22 year old hands on half of that purple fortune. All she gotta do is get preggers, oops! Then she got him for 18 yrs, i aint saying she a gold digger….you know the rest.

  11. Ha, that would be so awesome if he did that. :) I saw her grooving like cr-crazy at Madison Square Garden in December at his show. It was great – she is really into him, not just for the cameras.

  12. I think Prince is going to crash his own wedding (Andy Allo)

  13. Prince can crash any wedding of mine and kidnap me and take me away….happily ever after. The End. ;-)

  14. But of Course! What or Who else is in our Dreams? A Prince Crash! Yummm. Whoppie let her down easy thooooo.

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