Shock A Lock A Boom! What Was That? Quake Felt In NYC!

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit near Washington, D.C. and was felt up in New York City.

Although it is a super rare occurence, everyone appears to be o.k.

Did you feel it?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Shut Up Already......

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  1. yep.. in Manhattan.. that was creepy/odd, lol

  2. I felt it while I was driving my car in Brooklyn. The car started rocking like a boat and I got dizzy. I thought there was something wrong with the car. I didn’t find out about the earthquake until I got back to work and everyone was standing outside because they had evacuated the building. All of a sudden NYC is getting earthquakes and tornados. I don’t like it one bit.

  3. Woodbridge, VA. This was not cute. LOL!

  4. Here in SoCal, you dont get used to these.

  5. Felt it in Oneonta NY

  6. Frederick, MD.

  7. Wow…that was nuts!

  8. I felt it too in Lynbrook, NY (on long island) Wow!

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