Review: There Is Nothing Like The Sade Concert Experience!

Sade. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry
Sade. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry

Sade. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry

I saw Sade in concert recently and it was an amazing concert experience! Not only did I meet some great people before the show but the John Legend and Sade blew my mind for the next 3 hours.

I was told Sade tours about as much as people see Haley's Comet, so I had to go. She did it all. "Smooth Operator" Cherish The Day" Paradise" "No Ordinary Love" and the latest smash "Soldier Of Love" and I must say, there had to be some mad loving made by those in attendance after the show.

Sade. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry

Sade. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry

Sade laid it down for almost 2 hours with a smile and genuine love for the Los Angeles crowd. I am sure she is like that everywhere but someone needs to lock up this performance and put it on DVD!! This show was hot.

It put me in a good place. Relaxed, chill, and sexy. How else would you want it? It was a hot summer night and Sade cooled us down with some sultry music.

Sade. Photo By: Dr. Funkenberry

Sade. Photo By: Dr. Funkenberry

Sade is in the Bay Area weekend this week and still on tour. Be sure to check her out.

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  1. Saw her last night in Orange County , Calif…..was everything and more I recalled over 10 yrs ago..She has grown as an artist and it showed. Fantastic show..Cheers

  2. I do agree ;-)

  3. Sade (Ms. Adu herself and her band)…flawless!

  4. Saw her in Berlin too, not only her wonderful voice but all the subtle staging of the show makes the Sade experience so unique !

  5. I told you that you would truly enjoy the Sade Concert, she has set a standard. REMARKABLE

  6. One of the best shows I’ve seen ~ amazing musicians, no nonsense, just artistry at its finest.

  7. W O R D!!

  8. I totally agree with your review about Sade saw her in London and it was fantastic!

  9. That was a great show!

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