New Lada Gaga Video Footage From “The HAUS” Shows Off Her Breasts

It is hard to believe Lady Gaga still is not overexposed, no matter how much skin she shows.

A new montage from her creativie team "The Haus of Lady Gaga" shows more behind the scenes footage of her on set of the video "You & I", complete with mermaid gills and bountiful breasts.

N yes, still not overexposed like a Kardashian.  Check it out above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Refraining from calling them puppies

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  1. This woman craves media attention to stay relevant. I just hope real music lovers ignore her so she just disappears from the music scene.

  2. Pure Greatness.LOVE

  3. Uhhhhhhh ok what just happened????

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