One Direction Release New Video For “You & I”

One Direction Promo Photo

One Direction have released a video for "You & I" the boy band's latest single.

“You & I is a love song. It’s saying you’re inseparable and nothing can get in the way of you and your love.”-Harry Styles.


Diagnosis: Will anything come between you and this video???


Lady Gaga Performs “Marry The Night” & “You & I” At Grammy Special

Lady Gaga with full on Skelator make-up performed at the Grammy Nomination Special in Los Angeles.

She performed her latest single "Marry The Night" and "You & I" with Sugarland.  I love Gaga, you all know that.  But she has stopped surprising me.  What would have surprised me was not having to do the whole make up thing and just look...well..normal.  You don't always have to play the freak.

It's starting to take away from the performance just a little bit is all.  Am I wrong?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Sometimes, a little less is actually a lot more.....


New Lada Gaga Video Footage From “The HAUS” Shows Off Her Breasts

It is hard to believe Lady Gaga still is not overexposed, no matter how much skin she shows.

A new montage from her creativie team "The Haus of Lady Gaga" shows more behind the scenes footage of her on set of the video "You & I", complete with mermaid gills and bountiful breasts.

N yes, still not overexposed like a Kardashian.  Check it out above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Refraining from calling them puppies


Watch Now! Lady Gaga’s MTV VMA Performance of “You & I”

Here is Lady Gaga...or Manly Gaga...performing "You & I" at the MTV Video Music Awards. Was she being Ralph Macchio or Andrew Dice Clay?

Lady Extravaganza stayed in the male role all through the show which was shocking in itself.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Maybe A 21st Century Fonzi?


Lady Gaga’s New Video “You & I” Has It All, Good & Bad

They couldnt stop the leak.  Lady Gaga's new video "You & I"was supposed to debut Thursday night on MTV but it leaked early...and like Gerard Depardieu on a plane, you couldn't stop the leak.

"You & I" features the return of Manly Gaga, her playing the role of a man, which first debuted in a layout last year for Vogue Japan.  It also features Lady Extravaganza as a mermaid..and a mix of a cowboy and an alien..and then some.

We will let you figure out the rest.  Check out the video above and let us know what YOU think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  When Gaga Is Making Out With Herself, Is It Homo or Hetero-Erotic?


Lady Gaga Performs “You & I” To Huge Crowd On Jimmy Kimmel


Hands up or paws up?  Lady Gaga took over Hollywood yesterday performing for a huge crowd in the back lot of Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday.  She rocked "You & I" and others along with a sit down interview with Jimmy.

For now, check out the very cool performance from Lady Extravaganza and let's give it up for that outfit she is wearing while we are at it. 

Get past it.  It is a great performance of her latest single.  The "You & I" video is coming soon and you know you will see it here!

Diagnosis:  With Your High Heels On...And My Tennis Shoes On


In Case You Missed It: Lady Gaga On The Today Show

This is why we LOVE Lady Gaga.  I can clown her forever on her outfits and those silly shoes.  It's when she is on stage that she kills it.

You can argue her originality but she has the presence and is a great performer.  A record crowd of 20,000 plus came out to see her perform on the Today Show.

Check her out above doing a medley "Fame Monster,  "You & I" (New Song!), "Alejandro" and the unaired unreleased track "Teeth" and let me know what you think.  Someone knows how to make the rain work for her.

Was that a stab at Katy Perry around the 3:05 mark?  Hmm.-DrFB