Video:Chelsea Handler Shows Off Her Rack In Shower Scene With Sandra Bullock

From Cameron Diaz and Gweneth Paltrow rapping about her new stage, and Jennifer Aniston giving Chelsea the exclusive on her engagement, Chelsea Handler topped it will getting naked in the shower with Sandra Bullock.

The late night hostess with the mostess and moistness jumped in the shower with Sandra Bullock showing she has quite the rack in the process.

Since the video automatically starts, we ask you to click on the continue reading button and know although covered, it is NSFW!!


Kat Dennings Goes For Broke With Her 2 Girls At Emmy’s

Kat Dennings, star of 2 Broke Girls" went fro broke showing off her 2 girls at the Emmy's. She looked stunning in burgundy with lipstick to match.

I have a feeling I will get more flack for mentioning her lipstick then talking about her "2 Broke Girls".....-DocFB


Jessica Simpson Gives Us The Money Shot

Jessica Simpson Photo: Twitter.com/JessicaSimpson

Jessica Simpson Photo: Twitter.com/JessicaSimpson Jessica Simpson Photo: Twitter.com/JessicaSimpson
Jessica Simpson took a stroll yesterday with her newborn baby and decided to show off her....assets? Jessica is in the middle of a $4 million dollar campaign to shed the weight she gained while pregnant.

I figured we wouldn't see for months so we could see the transformation. Jessica has always been top heavy and at 5'3, that seems like it might be a little painful. Yet, she still gives us the mouth wide open shot with the tag line “Just taking a walk around the block... Street legal???”

Was she talking about her breasts..or the device that is supposed to count how many steps you take while walking? We wonder if it gives extra steps and calories burned for each bounce? We only ask for scientific purposes. Honest.-DocFB


New Lada Gaga Video Footage From “The HAUS” Shows Off Her Breasts

It is hard to believe Lady Gaga still is not overexposed, no matter how much skin she shows.

A new montage from her creativie team "The Haus of Lady Gaga" shows more behind the scenes footage of her on set of the video "You & I", complete with mermaid gills and bountiful breasts.

N yes, still not overexposed like a Kardashian.  Check it out above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Refraining from calling them puppies


Conan Caught Staring At Nicole Scherzinger’s Breasts!

We can't really blame Conan for staring at Nicole Scherzinger's breasts on his show last night.  It really did look like they were painted on.

At the 2:04 mark, Nicole tells Conan to focus on her face instead of her breasts, calling out the host for just straight staring at her chest.

They then start talking about her co-host of her new show X-Factor Simon Cowell's man boobs aka Moobs.  Yea, I rather be talking about Nicole's.  That's just me though.

If you can get past staring at them, she really does a great impersonation of Britney Spears.  Check out the clip...and her breasts.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  That Dress Was Tighter Than A Funk Jam!


Katy Perry Covers The New Rolling Stone

Katy Perry. Photo: Rolling Stone.com
Katy Perry. Photo: Rolling Stone.com

Katy Perry. Photo: Rolling Stone.com

Katy Perry is averaging a Rolling Stone cover once a year and always make sure it is hot.  This time, she shelves some personal information about herself.

She has gotten political.  Katy says:   "Our priority is fame, and people's wellness is way low. I saw this knowing full well that I'm a part of the problem. I'm playing the game, though I am trying to reroute. Anyway, not to get all politically divulging and introspective, but the fact that America doesn't have free health care drives me fucking absolutely crazy, and is so wrong."

Katy also says that she used to pray for breasts when she is 11.  Well....she got them!

The new Rolling Stone should be on newsstands now....if you find one.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Tape Them Down


Video Premiere: “Firework” By Katy Perry’s Breasts

OK, I am sure the title got your attention, but I am serious.  Fireworks shoot out from Katy Perry's breasts.

In all honesty, the song is now her dedication to the "It Gets Better" campaign and that is kind of cool. 

Katy Perry also announced she will be performing on the American Music Awards November 21st on ABC TV. 

What do you think of Katy Perry's "Firework" and I am not talking about her birds.-Dr.FB