The Band Formerly Known As The Time AKA Original 7ven Announce L.A. Concert

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo
The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The band formerly known as The Time will be taking the stage as the original 7ven.

They will be playing Club Nokia in Los Angeles October 19th.  No ticket price has been announced yet but tickets will go on sale this week.

Their new CD, "Condensate" is due for release on October 18th.

Looks like October is going to be cooler than C O O L.  They talking about cha.-DocFB

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  1. Best Buy ad & sticker is wrong – it says 30 minute bonus DVD, but when I popped it in at home, it was the whole 87 minute documentary!


    r U 1 of The Original 7ven ?

  3. it’s 87 mins.

  4. Best Buy is advertising a 30 Minute DVD, not a 1.5 Hour Documentary..

    “This deluxe edition includes a 30th anniversary limited-edition 30-minute bonus DVD featuring the band’s untold story and historical footage.”

  5. Yes- best buy has an exclusive on this and yes p is being p in regards to the name same with family

  6. It’s about ‘TIME’!!. Don’t be so mean.

  7. It’s about ‘TIME’!!. Don’t be so mean.

  8. C.O.O.L.

    ……But what is this I hear about Sly Stone living in a van Doc????

  9. they performed a few months ago using “Morris Day and The Time” so they probably just had to drop the name for their record label since everyone knows they are still C.O.O.L with the Kid

  10. Yes,… I was wondering the same thing….. Is it that Prince did not want them to use the name? And if so,… is that the same thing with “the Family” changing thier name too? I really hope that is not the case…… that would be kind a silly for Prince to act like that.

    Musgrave – Chicago

  11. @ MPLS SOUND
    So what r u saying there is an exclusive being released thru Best Buy?

  12. Best Buy has an insane 1.5 hour documentary as an exclusive that is sure to turn some heads.

  13. Will b n the house. But I wonder what Prince feels about this? Also wonder will the new album b online only or a physical release 2….

  14. Steve, Prince owns the rights to “The Time” and this is most likely linked to the name change.

  15. Coolest picture ever!!

  16. How come they can’t perform as “The Time”? Is this incarnation missing some key original member(s)?

  17. “Jerome… bring me my wallet!”

  18. new cd is called condensate my brotha

  19. OH YEAH!Time 4 some FUNK! 🙂

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