Madonna To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Madonna. Photo: Interview Magazine
Madonna. Photo: Interview Magazine

Madonna. Photo: Interview Magazine

Will there be a wardrobe malfunction?

Madonna is scheduled to be the halftime show performer for the Super Bowl in 2012 according to a tip we received.  The NFL has not commented but the Super Bowl performer is usually not officially announced until November/December.

The super bowl will be held in Indianapolis on February 5 and will be televised on NBC.

The source we heard it from was the same source who told us Prince was playing the Super Bowl and then Bruce Springsteen.

This should be some Super Bowl performance....because all football fans listen to Madonna right?  Kidding.

What do you think of Madonna being the Super Bowl performer next year?

Diagnosis:  Lots of hits to fit into 12 minutes

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  1. @John: yes Madonna guested at a Prince concert in LA, on january 23rd 1985, during the final Baby I’m A Star jam. Also Bruce Springsteen was there, he plugged a guitar and played some lines.

  2. Long overdue….

    Clearly this is to make a high promo appearance and push for her new album and tour in 2012.

    Madonna sure knows how to promote things and get tickets and albums sold. :)

    Guessing 1-2 new songs, and 1-2 old ones.
    And definitely no sharing space on stage with Prince. Even though that would have been incredible… Have they ever been on the same stage to perform?

    I’m guessing for Madonna this is just one box to tick of the few things she has not yet done. And since the TV audience is HUGE you can not make a bigger impact in 12min time…

  3. @Michael
    … Maybe Prince could play at The Academy Award Show hosted by Eddie Murphy…

    I’m sure Prince has plans to throw a Oscar after party bash for Eddie @ his newly rented gated mansion….

  4. Doc, You’re right; it’ll be Madonna’s stage, and she’ll be good. But I would like to see her collaborate with Prince again. And I’d always like to hear more Prince stuff and see more Prince video… Maybe Prince could play at The Academy Award Show hosted by Eddie Murphy…

  5. CB777, you know he doesn’t think like that unfortunately…..but in his defense, he was going through some stuff at that time. If it was the man who did 21 nights at the Forum, the man with that energy, then I would be upset.

    He had a residency going on in Vegas that was not making a huge profit for AEG until after his Super Bowl Appearance….

    If I really had the relationship with Prince that the haters think I had, things would be different. New album, new tour, new videos….and then for the 2nd week…… :)

  6. Michael, why would she share the spotlight with anyone else? Not going to happen…..

  7. I hope we get to experience a 21st century Madonna, something new, kinda “stripped down”, unlike her 1990s silliness…

    It would also be a great opportunity for Madonna to collaborate with Prince.

  8. This would be a gr8 promotion 4 her new album coming next year. I think she will be a good halftime performer. Her singing voice is questionable but no different then the new crop of pop singers 2day.

    The Superbowl put a skyrocket on Prince’s already hot career. I just wish Prince would have rushed a new album quickly like the Tuesday after the Superbowl. Sales would have went through the roof. Everybody liked his per4mance. But Prince isn’t in it 4 sales he is in it 4 getting paid. Which he should be that is his job……….

  9. I don’t know. The Super Bowl is a whole different animal. Perhaps for this she would do like 4 songs or so?

  10. Hmmm. Massive Madonna fan but not sure about this. She’s not one for doing medleys so it’ll probably be 2 new songs and maybe an oldie?

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