Brian “Astro” Bradley Performs On XFactor

Brian "Astro" Bradley performed on X Factor last night. He is one of the youngest contestants....and the only rapper.

He seemed sweet on Rihanna, especially when she said his name. Astro performed to "The Message" by Grand Master Flash.  In L.A. Reid's eyes, he can do no wrong.

We think he did well enough to make it to the next round. This time, not so arrogant either in his performance.

What did you think?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Because He Is The Only Rapper Is To His Advantage

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  1. He can`t even sing , “he sucks” try getting him to sing any real song , oh he can`t sorry. talking with music in the back ground is not singing . By the way even the best rapper`s know how to sing in different beats and tempos.

  2. this kid is wick wick wack…he is on here for one reason, demograhics.

    he sucks.

  3. I agree this young kid is HIP HOP. BTW This isn’t rap like kids know it today. Whoever brought this kid up brought him up from the ROOTS. Go on Astro do your thing


    31 yr old white dude lol

  4. Lovin this young brother. He is lyrically sound and his flow is awesome!!! He definately has the X factor! Best wishes to Brian “Astro” Bradley!!

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