Adam Levine Talks About Why He Hates Honey Boo Boo, Reality TV & Showers

Adam Levine appeared on Chelsea Lately where he talked about why Honey Boo Boo's parents suck and basically that all reality TV like the Kardashians suck.

In the full interview which Chelsea's people are too lazy to put up, Adam also talked about why he doesn't like to shower and working with 50 Cent. He also brought up Chelsea working with 50 Cent..actually her sleeping with him.

The interview was quite good. Too bad since Chelsea's people are too lazy like I said, that we only get 2 minutes of the full interview.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Adam gets a lot of hate but really liked him in this interview....


Drfunkenberry Catches Up With Prince’s Ex Mayte Garcia On “Hollywood Exes”

Mayte Garcia & DrFunk  Photo:  Mayte Garcia

Drfunkenberry was on set for the upcoming season finale of VH1's "Hollywood Exes" and we had time to catch up with Mayte Garcia and talk up Jessica Canseco.

Mayte seemed very happy and the cast seemed to get along great with a few glasses of champagne thrown in for good measure.

I asked Mayte about a season two if VH1 has picked it up and she told me she doesn't know yet but is pretty sure.

We are told if they get a certain number of viewers tonight against the Olympics, they will get an automatic season 2!!!!  So make sure tonight to watch  "Hollywood Exes" and record the Olympics.  I mean they are on tape delay any way right?

We needed to talk to Mayte privately about a certain someone's clothes(WHY???) and a few other things and we will have that conversation for you shortly.

"Hollywood Exes is on VH1 Wednesdays, so there is a NEW episode tonight!

We may even ask some of you some questions for her.  Will let you know what happens. Cool?-DocFB


Bring On The Drama! Dina Lohan Joins Ex’s Of Prince & Eddie Murphy On Reality Show

Hollywood Exes. BittenandBound.com
Hollywood Exes. BittenandBound.com

Hollywood Exes. BittenandBound.com

What do you do when a reality show may not be giving you the drama you need? Why, you call Dina Lohan and ask her to be in the mix. That is EXACTLY what VH-1 has done with "Hollywood Exes" a reality show debuting later this year.

We first told you about the show back in March that the show would feature the ex's of Prince, Eddie Murphy, R. Kelly, Will Smith and others.

We had a feeling that Mayte Garcia (Prince's ex) and Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy's ex) would be pretty tight-lipped on the show about who they used to be with, and would rather focus on what is going on in their lives now.

We are told that Dina is not exactly a cast member but will be hanging out with the ladies and causing drama.  OK, we added the last, but that for sure is what is going to happen.  For.  Sure.

What won't be happening?  Lindsay Lohan, Dina's famous daughter, appearing on the show.

VH-1, won't you go back to playing music videos instead?-DocFB


Brian “Astro” Bradley Performs On XFactor

Brian "Astro" Bradley performed on X Factor last night. He is one of the youngest contestants....and the only rapper.

He seemed sweet on Rihanna, especially when she said his name. Astro performed to "The Message" by Grand Master Flash.  In L.A. Reid's eyes, he can do no wrong.

We think he did well enough to make it to the next round. This time, not so arrogant either in his performance.

What did you think?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Because He Is The Only Rapper Is To His Advantage


Kim Kardashian Is Looking Kind Of Thick…And We Like It!

Kim Kardashian Photo: GettyImages.com

Kim Kardashian Photo: GettyImages.com

Kim Kardashian walked the purple carpet last night at an event for Noon By Noor.  It was a launch party for them and Kim was definitely launching any man in attendance into orbit, which included her cool fiance Kris Humpries who attended the event with her.

The event was at the Sunset Tower Hotel and Kim was looking healthy and thick and we like it!  In the latest season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" we have been noticing Kim looking a little thicker on the hips but still looking shapely and fab when it comes to her face and everywhere else. 

The fact that we really like her man Kris as well and feel that he is one of the luckiest men alive to be marrying her just adds more us loving Kim.  Kris is a good guy.  No beating around the bush with that.  Ahem.  Pun intended. 

Now if only Kim would give us a shout out someway, we would love it.  We think she won't because she only tends to mention the ones that hate on her n guess what?  That's not us.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Rump N The Hump Rocking It


Original 90210 Bad Girl Gets Her Own Reality TV Show

Shannen Doherty. Photo: GettyImages.com
Shannen Doherty. Photo: GettyImages.com

Shannen Doherty. Photo: GettyImages.com

The original TV bad girl is coming back to the small screen.  Shannen Doherty is returning to television, reality television that is, in a series that will star her and celebrity photographer Kurt Iswarienko, who is Shannen's fiance.

The show will premiere on the WEtv Network in January 2012 and it will premiere with an episode of the couple's wedding day.  Ahhh.  So now we get to see if Shannen is just as much a bad girl behind the scenes.  This should be interesting. 

That is 2 original former 90210 stars doing reality shows now, right?  Tori Spelling and now Shannen.  I'm still waiting for Dylan and Brandon to get their own reality shows.  They can call it "Dudes & Sideburns" coming soon to DocFB TV.  Yea, right!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Seriously, Where Are Dylan & Brandon?


Jon Gosselin Turns Into Super-Douch Man

Jon Gosselin On A Good Day.  Photo: INFDaily.com
Jon Gosselin On A Good Day.  Photo: INFDaily.com

Jon Gosselin On A Good Day. Photo: INFDaily.com

Was it really that long ago that i thought Kate Gosselin sucked more than an adult film star? She looks like the good one more and more each day.

As I mentioned earlier this week, after negotiations between Jon Gosselin and TLC broke down with him refusing to do "scenes" for the show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and TLC decided to just not film him at all and re-title the show "Kate Plus 8", Jon got pissed.

Jon gained a conscious and decided his kids should not be filmed as it is bad for them and sicked lawyers on the show that made him just regular douche from PA from a one of the biggest reality douches of all time.  He has shut down the show and filming has stopped while TLC mulls it's next move looking for legal loopholes and other things.

One thing is for sure; this will change reality TV into making sure to have both parties locked up into more iron clad deals in case something like this ever happens again.

You know just as well as I do, that when Jon gets his way and a raise, the show will continue to film. It's only a matter of time..and the might reality TV dollar.-Dr.FB