Rihanna Ties Whitney Houston’s Record, Passing Janet & Stevie

Rihanna Photo: Jeremiah Freed
Rihanna Photo: Jeremiah Freed

Rihanna Photo: Jeremiah Freed

Rihanna has her 11th number 1 Billboard chart hit passing up legend Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson, who both had 10.

The 11th number 1 is "We Found Love" which features Calvin Harris.  She ties Whitney Houston who also has 11.

Only The Beatles (20), Mariah Carey (18), Michael Jackson (13), Madonna (12), and  The Supremes (12) have more.

"Found", Rihanna's latest single from her new album "Talk That Talk" due for release November 21st, has now spent two weeks at number 1 on the download charts, being downloaded almost 250,000 times off of I-Tunes.  The song has already been downloaded a million times, making it her 20th song to be downloaded over a million times.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will most likely hit 12 number ones by end of year


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  1. Number Ones: Bing Crosby 36; Paul Whiteman 32; Guy Lombardo 26; Glenn Miller 23; Al Jolson 23; George J Gaskin 19; Billy Murray 18; Elvis Presley 18; Tommy Dorsey 17; Dan Quinn 17; Benny Goodman 16;

    Prince: fewer hits than any of them, but ten times the talent; so what does “Hit Song” really mean anyway…?

  2. EH-KIYU-MI??? …LOL

  3. Oh Ew…

  4. that shows u how music is dead when a talentless bitch like that can tie whitney and pass janet in anything

  5. nm got my answer

  6. what chart are u basing this off of? i heart rihanna BUT janet has had more than 10

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