Canadian Prince Fans! Major Announcement Coming Soon!

Prince NPG Records 2011
Prince NPG Records 2011

Prince NPG Records 2011

Prince is about to start his "Welcome 2 Canada" tour by the end of the week and there is going to be some cool announcements and surprises.

We can't tell you everything now...but keep your eyes and ears peeled and we will keep you informed.

Prince & The NPG are ready to rock Canada. Are you ready?

Diagnosis: Eh?

Comments (15)
  1. ONE MORE SLEEP! Tomorrow is Christmas for ME! GIMME MORE! I’m greedy guts!

  2. Prince
    I can’t wait to see you again

  3. It seems like prince come to the U.S
    A and make is.money than for get about putting music out for us but I love all of prince music I say this never for get were u come from

  4. Uh, O Canada ~ its ’bout to get funky up there!

  5. Can’t wait!! I’ll be in Canada for the Vancouver and Victoria shows!!!

  6. A lil something to tide us over till the next Full Album release. Can’t wait.

  7. Maybe a second chance for Kim Kardashian lol

  8. I want a new revolution cd & world 2R

  9. I wish for both

  10. What the revolution Is coming to play or a new album

  11. I second chocolatebox777’s question 🙂

  12. Surprises 4 Canada or 4 everybody?

  13. Love the comment about Remy Shand.. how awesome would that be!!! Waiting for the day that guy will suddenly appear from nowhere!!

  14. I love U Princey-poo. We should get together sometime. hugs n kisses

  15. Maybe Prince could lure Remy Shand out from hiding wherever he is in Canada. Remy Shand opening for Prince… that would be awesome.

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