PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL In London To Announce The UK Tour!

3RDEYEGIRL London Image By LV

PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL have arrived in London and are set to announce their UK Tour at Lianne La Havas's flat sometime soon.  We will keep you updated on the time as it has changed twice already!

UPDATE: According to La Havas, the press conference is still tonight, February 4th!

The band tweeted they have arrived in London with instruments and crew...but that tweet has been deleted. So we guess it was just a figment of our imagination.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We will be keeping our eyed and ears peeled for information on this announcement. Stay tuned...

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Jimmy Fallon Not Ready To Talk About PRINCE Ping Pong Incident; + Announcement!

Jimmy Fallon & Jay Leno Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Jimmy Fallon taped his show "Late Night" on Friday after getting beat by PRINCE at ping pong the night before. Jimmy still was not wanting to talk about the whooping yet.

At 6:52 in the video above, Jimmy brings out a ping pong ball and doesn't want to say what happened but that Questlove knows and it involves "ping pong, and Prince." Although Jimmy says he will not talk about it yet, Fallon says he will appear on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on September 20th and will share the story then.

OK, Jimmy. September 20th.

For a special "Purple" announcement that will be taking place Sunday, August 4th, click here....


Canadian Prince Fans! Major Announcement Coming Soon!

Prince NPG Records 2011
Prince NPG Records 2011

Prince NPG Records 2011

Prince is about to start his "Welcome 2 Canada" tour by the end of the week and there is going to be some cool announcements and surprises.

We can't tell you everything now...but keep your eyes and ears peeled and we will keep you informed.

Prince & The NPG are ready to rock Canada. Are you ready?

Diagnosis: Eh?


Britney Spears Bringing Femme Fatale Tour To South America


Britney Spears, along with 2 back up dancers announced that Britney is taking her tour to South America.  Rio and Sao Paulo and 10 other dates.  Very cool.

Anyone (And I mean everyone) notice how Britney is reading a sign to her left when talking?  shouldn't they have put it by the camera so she is looking into the camera when making the announcement?  Britney has good people around her, right? 

I know the girl has some issues but a placement of a sign over a camera and being able to read it is something she could do, right? 

Hope South America gets some cool Britney shows though.....-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Read My Lips....


William Levy Denies Affair With Jennifer Lopez

William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Vevo.com
William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Vevo.com

William Levy & Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Vevo.com

William Levy, the one we labeled as a video hunk from J. Lo's latest video "I'm Into You" is denying he had an affair with the singer.  As we first reported over the weekend, William and his wife Elizabeth Gutierrez separated after the steamy music video was shot with Jennifer Lopez.

Levy's rep has released this statement: "The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.”

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have not made any further statement since the announcement of their divorce on Friday.

It is now being reported that Marc and J.Lo have not been seen together since early June at a charity event in New York.  We are being told at this time, they still plan on doing their spanish version of "American Idol" together.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Big Boys Still Could Not Give A Credit, Could They?  It's OK.  You Know Where You Heard It First!

William Levy. File Photo

William Levy. File Photo


Steven Tyler Announces At Concert He Is Doing “American Idol”

Steven Tyler.  File Photo

Steven Tyler. File Photo

While J. Lo remains quiet, and hasn't posted on her Twitter account in 6 months, which we imagine will change today, Steven Tyler was anything but quiet last night in Las Vegas.

Although TMZ reported Steven Tyler would be in L.A. all weekend, he actually performed with Aerosmith last night in Las Vegas.

Steven said during the show;

“recording an album and [I’m] probably going to be a judge on American Idol.”

"I’m doing it. What do you think? I’m doing it.”

He also said "I’m pregnant with Joe Perry’s baby.”

The official announcement will be today where barring any last minute changes, it will be Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson as your American Idol judges.

Not sure if Ryan Seacrest will make the announcement.-Dr.FB


What Will Jon & Kate Plus 8 Announcement Be?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Promo Photo.  Photo: TLC.com
Jon & Kate Plus 8 Promo Photo.  Photo: TLC.com

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Promo Photo. Photo: TLC.com

Well, it's Monday and tonight, it's the announcement we've all been waiting for.  Well not we all.  Not me.  Maybe you.  And about 10 million other people.

Do you think the announcement will be divorce?  Jon was recently reported to be checking out apartments in New York.  Maybe Kate is getting a new hairstyle finally.

So what do you think the announcement will be?-Dr.FB

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