Jesse Johnson Announces He Is Leaving The Original 7ven/The Time

Jesse Johnson Photo: Jeremiah Freed

Jesse Johnson Photo: Jeremiah Freed

It seems the band formerly known as The Time may be the band formerly known as The Original 7ven as Jesse Johnson has announced he is leaving the band.

Jesse Johnson took to his Facebook Fan Page to make the announcement;

Hello Babies,
 I don’t really think I’ll be performing with the Original 7 (or The Time if your nasty) any more! We simple don’t see eye to eye on anything. Love the guys, but I feel in my heart it’s “Time” to walk away while we’re all still friends. May Peace be you.
  Jesse Johnson Bey ♥

Wow.  So, I am wondering if this will derail all plans for a tour and to promote the album in 2012.  I mean, how can you tour as The Original 7ven when it would actually be 6?

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The band announced their reunion earlier this year and with the reunion came the name change as they no longer could be called “The Time” due to Prince owning the name.  All this ground work and a funky album and……now this.

We wonder what the other boys in the band think of this news?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Time To Fix Your Clock……



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  • Jerry (Cadillac) Harris
    Posted at 02:01h, 04 March

    Jesse s leaving shows he has no consideration for the friends in the band and the concept. Is leaving screws the bands name, now there six, now rebuilt of excetence of the name Orinigal 7even didn’t get a chance to sync in. Dam u Jesse for screwing the hard work of or friends/band member for ur on ego. U haven’t had hit since to 80s. With ur pass rep ur lucky anyone will work u. Jam, Lewis, Morris, jermone, Monte considering Torry is a trouble maker(I know cause my bartender at Fantasyland strip Named Celester’s gave him a black eye while performing as Mississippi Night in St. Louis) I rather see Torry in Jesse s place but jesse I wish u the best u will always be ( The lead guitarist from the time remember ur roots.

  • tony
    Posted at 10:10h, 08 June

    Hi Jesse it’s sad that u an the fellas couldn’t see eye 2 eye on things because u all still have a lot of fans who still love the u make an want to hear an see the group by what ever name u go pro form it a big loss for our true fans like myself to see to see u old guys no but to see that masters at work singing pro forming an having fun an the crowed enjoying good music an top nothch proformers get it together fellas if u can u still got millions of fan that love u guys if not Jesse u got fans to do something we need good music it singers that need your guitar playing an production on their music to show them how it done the group out that comes close to the time is my favorite mint condtion maybe if theirs room join forces with them that’s a bad band could use u hey good to be able to let u no how much u and the guys still mean to you fans look forward to seeing u some how on the music she scene much brother and god bless to much talent to seat idol.

  • tim cavanaugh
    Posted at 07:22h, 19 October

    The San Diego Christian Film Festival is proud to debut the intriguing new documentary The Original 7ven, (The band formerly known as The Time) at the Birch North Park Theater November 10th. 6:00 PM Chronicling the adventures of seven young musicians; Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir, and Jerome Benton, the 80-minute film illustrates how the group came together in the early 80’s and eventually rewrote music history. Required viewing for any fan of the Minneapolis Sound, the documentary is an up-close-and-personal portrait of life as told by the band members themselves.

    After the screening, a group of panelists involved with the production, including some band members, will be available to take audience questions.

    Only 700 hundred seat for this show.

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  • Wash
    Posted at 09:49h, 04 May

    I am a big time fan it is really sad if jesse is leaving the band.I understand its a business,but he should think about his fans.I think the tour was only for a few months,than he could go back to whatever he wants.There is no other guy out there that can jam like jesse.If they replace him with another person it wouldn’t sound the same.I understand the Prince thing having control over the band in the early days.Prince should be proud of starting the time instead of not ldtting them play in certain cities because the time showed him up.Prince is a one man band while the time is a group.

  • Keef
    Posted at 17:06h, 11 February

    It’s music ,It’s art,It’s a battle going on stage every night giving an audience your best,you know representin as we say.You’re battling the record company to get your record made,and made the way you want to make it ,you’re fighting to be promoted,you’re fighting to be fairly compensated musicians,music soldiers.When you go into battle with your boys go all the way finish the job don’t abandon the squad everybody’s depending on each other and I know guitar player you gon have my back.A man finishes the job Jesse.

  • Donna James
    Posted at 20:11h, 09 February

    Although hearing the news was sad, I am very excited about where Jesse’s passion in music will take him. You can’t keep a bird caged or boxed in or it will forget how to fly. Maintain the memories and the friendships. The greatest strength is not only when you realize that you’ve come to the end of a journey but also when you admit it and have the strength to move on. Moving on doesn’t mean you are forgetting the memories and the people who you shared those memories, it simply means another chapter is beginning to the story. Knowing when it’s time to move on prevents great bonds and friendships from ending abruptly and potentially replacing great times with not so great times. Do your thang Jesse! I’m excited to see the next chapters in the process and creation of your gift…music!

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