Prince & Chaka Khan Get NAACP Nominations

Prince & Chaka Khan. Photo: GettyImages.com
Prince & Chaka Khan. Photo: GettyImages.com

Prince & Chaka Khan. Photo: GettyImages.com

Chaka Khan has been nominated for 4 NAACP nominations and Prince has been nominated for one for the upcoming award show.

Chaka's nominations come for her BET Awards performance, Black Girls Rock show, Oprah Presents: Master Class, and UNCF: An Evening Of Stars Tribute To Chaka Khan.

Prince's nomination comes from The Africa Channel special: "Prince! Behind The Symbol" a 30 minute special that aired on the network last year.  An hour version of the show was also made but has not aired.

Congrats to Chaka and Prince on their nominations.

The show will air on Febuary 17th on NBC.-DocFB

P.s. Thanks to Daryl T. for the news tip.

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  1. No 2 musicians deserve an award as much as these 2.I enjoyed prince’s rework of extralovable and cant wait to see what he has in store 4r us in 2012.”welcome 2 the Dawn”.

  2. Super! Bravo!

  3. WOW! Should be a great show! Can never get enough to see the genius live or recorded…..Chaka is a bonus also…..dont get a chance to see her often enough….where are the artists who made music??

  4. I love Chaka Khan, I don’t remember if I loved her music before Prince or after, but I love her Music & Prince his music. So go Chaka, go Prince …..

  5. Who gives a shit? There are so many more important things going on in the world than to worry about who gets nominated for what for the umpteenth fucking time.

    Go do some work in your communities, helping those who need it most, instead of wasting your time on people who wouldn’t even spit on you, even as they live their extravagant, foolish lifestyles BECAUSE OF YOU, and the money you spend ON THEIR crap.

    Don’t bother replying…I won’t check.

  6. Michael, that’s because that is a fake twitter account. LOL.

  7. Prince_Live Twitter mentions interesting things; no mention of this though…he’s so modest…

  8. Ok thanks for clearing that up Doc, So it’s the producers who would get the award if they win, not Prince.

  9. Is Prince still one of Jehovah’s Witnesses?
    Is that why he is not making much music, tours, shows and news?
    Just wondering if anyone knows…

    I remember him mentioning taking a break to study more the Bible.
    Thanks for the insight if any is available.

  10. This is the same thing as Prince’s Super Bowl half time show getting an emmy; although Prince was the one who performed, the producers were the ones to win and accept the award.

  11. Drfunkenberry,
    Can you make it clear if ‘Prince’ is actually the one nominated to receive an award for that special presentation or is it the people at the Africa Channel, who put that special presentation of ‘Behind the Symbol’ together, who are the ones nominated to receive an award for it. The announcement on this is not clear. Thaniks.

  12. “Come on! If it wasn’t for Prince, Chaka Khan would be where? Nothing against her, but Prince is still making news from all around the planet.”

    Purpracer, perhaps you should ask the question of where Prince would be without Chaka? You do realize the SHE is his inspiration and influence, NOT the other way around. don’t you?

    Chaka Khan has given her time, money and effort to countless charities including her own Chaka Khan Foundation over the years. Chaka also continues to make news around the planet as well as tour it regularly. There are countless musicians she has influenced and continues to influence. No need for competition when both geniuses’ body of work speak for itself.

  13. Congratulations too them both, it is well deserved. Prince is like the Wolfgang Amadeus & Beethovan of our time. There will be no one like him (well not in my lifetime I think). Chaka is a survivor I think in life and in the music industry. Just think how many female artists have come and gone since Chaka first became known, ALOT. I’m sorry to hear about her family troubles. I hope things get better for her and her family soon. :).

  14. Congrats to both! Yeah, I am hoping he shows up too!

  15. Congrats! They deserve it!

  16. congrats 2 both hope prince wins and shows up. When do the awards air on tv?

  17. Well, I can understand that a little better. And Prince didn’t just have a “random” tour… if you had been in the vip section in N. Charleston, SC he would have blown you away! Prince is also a legend who continues to give us music, even if he takes time off. I’m not saying that she is any less than he… just saying that Prince does a lot of things other than music as well, such as giving to charities and let’s not forget that he took a big chance on her with her album. I have nothing against Chaka… hell, I was dancing to her singing Prince’s “I Feel 4 U” back in the day.. lol. The best of Prince and his impact has reached an incredibly large audience and his mark on entertainment, etc. will go down in history by the time he is done.

  18. Mmmmmmmmmm think I may go !

  19. Prince only made 2 tv appearances last year, no new CD, and a random tour.

    Chaka had several tv appearances and things going on last year. Don’t fret. I really don’t think Prince is going “only one” about this.

    Chaka is a legend. Doing all she did last year and fighting for custody of her granddaughter from her own daughter addicted to drugs, is most likely more of an accomplishment than getting nominated for awards….

  20. Prince only one??? Come on! If it wasn’t for Prince, Chaka Khan would be where? Nothing against her, but Prince is still making news from all around the planet.

  21. Congrats to both. I will be attending…..

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