Madonna Reveals New CD Cover For MDNA & Talks Super Bowl (No Nipples!)

MDNA. Madonna. Photo: Interscope Records
MDNA. Madonna. Photo: Interscope Records

MDNA. Madonna. Photo: Interscope Records

Madonna released the cover for her new CD MDNA (For the full cover, press on the picture.) just days before her Super Bowl halftime show.

The CD MDNA will be out on March 26th.

It was also confirmed that Madonna’s first single would be “Give Me All Your Luvin’ featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.  The video for the song will debut on Friday and we can almost guarantee that all 3 of them will be performing it at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

She also appeared on Jay Leno talking about having to do the Super Bowl is the most “nerve wracking thing she has ever done”…..

Check out the interview before.

Are you looking forward to Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance?-DocFB




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  4. 3121Xperience

    I don’t think she’s being nasty, just humourous. She didn’t say whos nipples now did she? Also, she’s taking the piss out of her raunchy past as well. People would expect her to show a nipple, not JJ.

  5. chocolatebox

    I like Madonna. But the sly nipple remarks is getting old. Just do Ur Superbowl show and hope it tops Prince. Which I seriously doubt she or anyone can top Prince’s.

    He didn’t need to do it to get record sells or promote a new single or movie. He just did it because he could and went on with his business, without making nasty remarks toward other artist that did it b4 him… Good luck Madona U’ll need it boo…

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