New Madonna Video “Girl Gone Wild” Reminds Us Of “Single Ladies” SNL Skit

Madonna Promo Photo Courtesy Of Universal/Interscope
Madonna Promo Photo Courtesy Of Universal/Interscope

Madonna Promo Photo Courtesy Of Universal/Interscope

The new Madonna video "Girl Gone Wild" has officially been released and aside from a cool looking dance effect and that her alter ego Dita is back, it is still the Madonna of old.

When I say Madonna of old, I mean several gay men dancing around her but this time in heels....which doesn't exactly remind me of Prince in heels dancing but more like when Saturday Night Live did a parody of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.

Madonna looks hot. Let's get that out of the way. Girl can work at 53 like she did at 33. She is not going to lose her gay following regardless of Lady Gaga and her fans smashing on her every chance she gets. I've seen this before is all. Someone said if it isn't broke, why fix it?

The reason perhaps is because she was an innovator, especially of the music video format. Her hotness and the dancing effect, I like. Everything else is a Madonna cliché that has worked before. Although, again, the men in heels just remind me of that Justin Timberlake "Single Ladies" skit.-DocFB


New Madonna! “Superstar” Listen Now!

Madonna Photo: Universal/Interscope

Madonna has officially released "Superstar" the latest from her MDNA album.  It still not is giving us anything different from the "Queen" of pop.

Girl is still looking hot though.  She has been rehearsing hard for her tour and getting banged up along the way.

Madonna Photo: Universal/Interscope

Madonna Photo: Universal/Interscope

Check out "Superstar" up above and let us know if it moves you.-DocFB


New Madonna Songs “I’m Addicted” & “Love Spent” Listen Now!!

2 new preview songs for the MDNA album, "I'm Addicted" and "Love Spent" from Madonna have been officially released.

The songs sound similar to the style of song that Madonna has released recently. It is not too far from "Girl Gone Wild" which was released last week.

We are going to wait for full versions of these songs before we pass judgement. What do you think of the new Madonna songs?-DocFB


Premiere: Madonna Releases 2nd Single From MDNA “Girl Gone Wild” Listen Now!

"Girls Gone Wild", the second single from the upcoming "MDNA" album by Madonna was released today with a lyric video.

Madonna is trying to keep it fresh and stay current and I do think this is better than "Gimme All Your Luvin" with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

Madonna spoke recently with the L.A. Times about what sound she is going for;

"I feel like all the records on the radio right now have a homogenized quality to them. I've made a huge effort to try and not sound like everybody else," 

"The music that I've done with William is quite introspective, whereas Martin's is more ironic and funny and upbeat. There's a really up aspect to it and a really fun aspect to it."

We are digging the lyric video and the pics of Madonna.  BTW, are these recent pics of Madonna or what?  They are quite smoking for 53 we have to say. (We were told it is from her "Confessions On A Dance Floor" where the photos came from.  Too bad.)

What do you think of "Girls Gone Wild" by Madonna?

Diagnosis:  The "MDNA" album is in stores March 26th....


Madonna Reveals New CD Cover For MDNA & Talks Super Bowl (No Nipples!)

MDNA. Madonna. Photo: Interscope Records
MDNA. Madonna. Photo: Interscope Records

MDNA. Madonna. Photo: Interscope Records

Madonna released the cover for her new CD MDNA (For the full cover, press on the picture.) just days before her Super Bowl halftime show.

The CD MDNA will be out on March 26th.

It was also confirmed that Madonna's first single would be "Give Me All Your Luvin' featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.  The video for the song will debut on Friday and we can almost guarantee that all 3 of them will be performing it at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

She also appeared on Jay Leno talking about having to do the Super Bowl is the most "nerve wracking thing she has ever done".....

Check out the interview before.

Are you looking forward to Madonna's Super Bowl Performance?-DocFB