Van Halen Los Angeles Forum Review: Homecoming

Van Halen Photo:

Van Halen Photo:

Van Halen did a 15 song set at the Los Angeles Forum last night. It was the final dress rehearsal and featured thousands of their friends and family.

It was supposed to be a “secret show” but was one of the worst kept secrets as we and others leaked the info shortly before noon yesterday.  Kool & The Gang opened the show as they will for the tour and they brought the good time funk.  It seems like a weird combo for a tour but it works.

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The set list featured 3 new songs; “Tattoo”, “Chinatown”, and “Blood & Fire” along with a mix of all Van Halen songs that were Diamond Dave and no Van Hagar.  The new songs are off of “A Different Kind Of Truth” which was released this week.

Eddie Van Halen was ripping on guitar while his son Wolfgang, mastered the bass.  Alex Van Halen took to the drums and Dave did what he does best, entertain and sing live.

Eddie Van Halen Photo:

Eddie Van Halen Photo:

Everyone seems to be getting along but this was the 3rd and final warm up show before the tour.  Let’s see how they are months down the road.

For now, they dominated.  Aside from one technical sound issue with Dave’s microphone, which was quickly resolved handing him another microphone, the show featured the rock songs that made Van Halen a staple of 80’s rock.

They did it all and almost flawless.  From “Running With The Devil” to “Beautiful Girls” followed by a “Hot For Teacher” that made you think it was the early 80’s all over again.  The video is so etched into my brain, I hear Martha Quinn introducing it back when MTV was the epitome of cool.

This was my first time seeing Van Halen and I never expected it to be with Dave back in the saddle.  He was having a good time and the rest of the band followed suit.  “Panama” tore the roof off of the Forum and had us feeling like it was a Saturday Night instead of a dull Wednesday.

There was no fancy pyro, none needed when you have Eddie Van Halen providing his own fireworks on guitar.  There is a huge videoscreen that is pretty awesome I must say, even with the footage being shown in black and white.

The show was a little over an hour and we are sure condensed to what will actually happen on the road.  A few more songs.  Dave interacting with the crowd and just a good time.

Van Halen Photo:

Van Halen Photo:

It was a fun and energetic show that I enjoyed tremendously.  I am not one for nostalgia acts and this is not that at all.  It feels like Dave and Eddie wanting to have a good time and put on a good live rock and roll show.  Tonight, it was family and friends.  We have a feeling though, the audience’s will feel like they are friends and family in each city they play on this tour.-DocFB

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Van Halen Photo:

Van Halen Photo:

Set List:
1.  You Really Got Me

2. Running With The Devil

3. She’s The Woman

4. Somebody Get Me A Doctor

5. Tattoo

6. Everybody Wants Some

7. Beautiful Girls

8. Ice Cream Man

9. China Town

10. Dance The Night Away

11. Hot For Teacher

12. Blood & Fire

13. Eddie Guitar solo

14. Panama

15. Jump (Encore)



  • Alfred Haynes
    Posted at 22:59h, 09 February

    The guys still look great and it’s wonderful to see them, again! “Jump” is one of my favorite Van Halen songs!

  • TheLittlestWinslow
    Posted at 17:03h, 09 February

    I should see them, eventually. I’m sure it’d be a killer show with Dave on the mic again.

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