Rumored Prince Poland Show is NOT Official!!!

Prince Promo Photo

Prince Promo Photo

Yesterday, it was announced that Prince would be playing Wrocław, a city in Poland, by that city’s mayor. We also heard that it was promoted in the newspaper. Only one problem; right now, it’s not happening.

Within hours of the announcement, Prince fans were starting to think a European Summer Tour 2012 was going to happen.  I went through some proper channels and was told that so far, nothing has been discussed about any concert dates in the Summer of 2012.

We have been told that the date may have been talked about with Prince, but nothing has been signed at all.

Right now, the only thing set for Summer 2012 is the release of NPG member Andy Allo’s CD “Superconductor” where you could listen to a sample of “People Pleaser” right HERE.  Prince has been producing the record with Miss Allo.

If this date does become official, we will let you know.  Right now, it is not.  We cannot imagine Prince not performing a concert date in 2012, but right now, there are no dates anywhere.-DocFB



  • Bonty
    Posted at 01:32h, 28 March

    Hey Doc, tell us about the new prince studio album……coming soon….
    I know that U know more about his future plans…..U are one of his channels 4 promotion 4 free…..thats 4 sure…..we all are waiting 4 a new album….and then a tour……we had enough of the gr8´test Hits tours…….we wanna ….hear new stuff from da purple yoda………so tell us the truth….MB

  • Moogenayrs
    Posted at 17:39h, 20 March

    Prince Today Vs. Classic Prince

    You should read the rest of the interview and other interviews, especially the Ebony Magazine interview which is completely crazy. Lot’s of contradictions, lots of unnecessary mystery…

    Prince bases this view on several things:

    – Prince is a full on Jehovah’s Witness. Every decision he makes, creatively, personally, business is guided by “scripture”.

    – Every album he’s released for the last 10 years or so in essence has been a Jehovah Witness Rock/Funk/R&B album veiled with Prince stylings, nothing else. As such, he knows he can’t sell records to a mass audience with such messages and views. Record companies would question his lyrical content, as a “free” artist he can sing whatever he wants, which is all Jehovah Witness beliefs.

    – Prince’s last internet website to promote his 2009 album was a failure. He managed to take $77 membership fee, not deliver a T-Shirt that was going to go along with that, and that price all it got you was a fancy website, the SAME songs in various formats that you would of gotten in the $12 CD and carefully chosen Jehovah Witness approved videos that took forever, excuse me, 4ever to load.

    – Prince has a record of not appreciating his fan base. Treating them like criminals or infringers.

    – The internet is “dead” because he thinks it can still work like it did for him in the late 90’s, early ’00’s, which even then, his websites were always a mess and complicated and had very strange Jehovah Witness imagery and “room” where “scriptures” would be discussed or studied…

    – Prince never furthered his education beyond high school. Is superstitious and believes in numerology (dating back to the mid 90’s) which contradicts his statements about computers putting numbers in your head.

    – Prince fans are in essence a fan of a Jehovah Witness equivalent of a Christian Rock star, if there is such a thing.

    – Prince is NOT the Prince of the 80’s, he appears to be through now, badly made clothing, and musical instrumentation but is NOT the same artist in creativity, genius or anything.

    – Prince in his interviews does not want to talk of the past like its some evil thing.

    – Prince since turning Jehovah, never grows his hair beyond the collar.

    – As much as Prince fans want remasters of his classic albums, due to his Jehovah Witness and Jehovah Witness beliefs in corporate evils, will NEVER release his past “mistakes” and views his old work as “in the past” and “evil”. The content of his past work does not go along with his current and now future Jehovah Witness beliefs, evident by his BET Lifetime Achievement award where he refers to his past “mistakes” he made when he was younger.

    – Prince refuses to work with and collaborate, even talk about old band members other than Sheila E.

    – Prince refuses to at least make a nice, normal comment on the passing of his biggest rival and musical competition – Michael Jackson although there is proof that Prince did support his innocence.

    – His new album is 20TEN but could be a well hidden double Jehovah Witness beliefs meaning of 2 Oten which refers to Aten and could be then be “To Aten” which is “To God”, another well hidden Jehovah Witness reference.

    РHis 2OTEN album artwork has modernized Jehovah Witness Watchtower illustrations updated into vector based graphic stylings, not the odd and creepy Watchtower Illustrations that are so passé and dated.

    – About two years ago, Prince wanted to take the internet back by throwing lawsuits at anyone who even posted his photograph claiming ownership of copyright images even though HE did not OWN the photographs nor was he the photographer.

    – Fans were threatened much like when Prince did the same thing in around 1998, sending legal threats and suing fans and fan magazines and any other fan site, no matter how harmless or small they were, the fan who setup the internet Prince shrine was sent a legal threat letter. This was around the time he started adapting Jehovah Witness beliefs before fully converting into a Jehovah Witness.

    – Prince’s issues with ownership of his copyrighted images, video and recorded music may be due to the Jehovah Witness beliefs in the evils of idolatry.

    – Larry Graham of Sly and The Family Stone fame befriended Prince and indoctrinated him into believing Jehovah Witnessing was “The Truth”. Larry converted after heavy drug addiction problems, Prince was not into drugs as far as its known and has lead a pretty clean celebrity life.

    – Prince sold MILLIONS of records already for his new album. But not to the public, not to fans, which you have to wonder, does he need fans? Prince sold 20TEN to publications and other companies as selling points, not to give fans albums for “free”. He’s been sort of doing this since about the late 00’s, where he sold singles to Verizon for commercial use, not to fans.

    – When you support Prince today, with new music, because again, he will NOT re-release, support or even partaking in promoting his old work when DVD’s are released of his movies or music though his websites, or ventures is something he does not do, you support a Jehovah Witness rock star.

    – Prince today, is balancing his being a Jehovah Witness with being a rock star. In many ways he’s a hypocrite, his name and whole “Prince” would not carry the prestige of legendary status in the music industry if it weren’t for his years at Warner Brothers and making a name/image for himself as a lascivious rock star.

    – Warner Brothers who owns the rights to his classic Warner Brothers Records work. When those rights are passed on to Prince, there’s no telling what will happen to his old “nasty, evil mistakes” of work. We may simply never hear or see them again and depend on old CDs and so on. Prince edits out sexual innuendo lyrics and bad words from his live performances.

    How do I know, excuse me, Eye No about all this? Because I’ve been a 25+ year fan of (actually not a current fan, only a fan of Warner Brothers period) Prince and have followed his career moves very closely. I’m a walking Prince-pedia of purple factoids that’s why.

  • Funk-on
    Posted at 13:35h, 18 March

    FunK IS COOL and Funk is real /rap is lazy and tired it’s lost it’s way sadly.

  • TheTruth
    Posted at 04:03h, 18 March

    The minions I mean who post about alleged negativity going on How about objective opinions?

  • TheTruth
    Posted at 04:01h, 18 March

    I see some take everything too personally than necessary again.

  • Prince Fans
    Posted at 19:59h, 17 March

    It looks like he has a small group of minions on the internet. He needs to stop stringing along fans. Prince been in the music business for 30 yrs but his PR games are lame.

  • angelic1302
    Posted at 18:13h, 15 March

    Australia here we come!

  • Leisa
    Posted at 23:57h, 14 March

    Dear Funklover,
    No …. Not insane ….. Just HOPEFUL! X

  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 18:13h, 14 March

    No one is insane. They just want the show to happen. Hopefully it does. Right now, not official, that is all.

  • PrinceFamMember
    Posted at 15:04h, 14 March

    Attn Prince Fans: I am 1 of u and a member of the ever increasing NPG. Please do not embarrass us by behaving the way u do on If u wanna b nasty and rude, check urself. Dr Funkenberry is not and not dedicated to just Prince alone – great as he is. Please share only peace and love and keep your obsessions in check.
    PS – I speak not 4 The Dr nor 4 Prince but for all those wanting to enjoy the new direction Dr Funkenberry is taking and seek only to remind u to take your Positivity Pill daily.

  • calhounsquare
    Posted at 14:30h, 14 March

    ^^ you may consider people stupid if you like. I have taken nothing for granted, there is NO concert scheduled at the time we all know about that. Now when an announcement is made in Poland, it is normal to think about a possible european tour around this date. We have a daily life and when the shows are announced with very little advance it’s sometimes not easy to get free from obligations. That’s why we stay on our marks and focused about what is coming up next.

  • Funklover
    Posted at 09:09h, 14 March

    Doc, I swear the Prince fans are insane. You said nothing is being discussed or is anything planned. They take it is it may have been discussed and it may happen. I’m not sure if they are just stupid or a few french fries short of a happy meal.

    Then another one points out about a show that was nearly sold out but didn’t happen either. So one verifies your story by pointing out a gig that never happened. Dealing with geniuses doc.

  • mysz
    Posted at 09:03h, 14 March

    Croke Park was nearly sold out and so what?

  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 08:57h, 14 March

    Letting you know….again…nothing has been discussed or planned….regardless of what article said.

  • calhounsquare
    Posted at 08:13h, 14 March

    Well the polish article speaks about “letters of intention” being received. And with no offence Doc, it already happened that an “unconfirmed” or “undiscussed” show eventually becomes reality! 🙂

  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 08:04h, 14 March

    Nothing has been discussed or planned……

  • calhounsquare
    Posted at 07:46h, 14 March

    ok it’s not official but it means that a POSSIBLE summer european tour is in the works, at least we can be prepared at this POSSIBILITY and save a few € and put on hold some other projects… until we know more about it 🙂

  • justmemuchlove
    Posted at 07:37h, 14 March

    Thanks for the info,doc.
    Love,love,love the photo

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