New Andy Allo CD Coming Soon! Listen Now To “People Pleaser”!

Andy Allo. Photo: Allo/NPG Records
Andy Allo. Photo: Allo/NPG Records

Andy Allo. Photo: Allo/NPG Records

ANDY ALLO's 2nd CD entitled "Superconductor" will be released early this summer.  The CD contains 6 self-penned tracks and 3 songs co-written with Prince.

The 3 songs written with Prince are "Superconductor", "The Calm", and "Gone".

Special guests on the CD so far include Maceo Parker, Trombone Shorty, The NPG, The Hornheadz and of course-PRINCE, who also executive produced the record.

The CD is in the final stages of post-production but we have a sample provided to us exclusively by Miss Allo-herself of one of the songs Prince featured on his most recent tour of Europe.

You heard it here 1st!

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Funky!  That has to be Maceo Parker on that track!

What do you think of "People Pleaser" by Andy Allo?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Go on, "Take Your Time....."

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    THAT is gonna be bumped outa my car this summer. NASTY groove!

    My lawd! Go ‘head Andy!!

  2. They performed this song already on North Sea Jazz last year and I loved it! This version is a lot slower… So I prefer to hear it live!

  3. love the sample cant wait to hear the full album this summer hopefully we get new music from Prince very soon thanx 4 sharing

  4. It’s just okay and i am thus far not very fond of her scratchy throat singing. Esperanza moves me and this new Andy chick doesn’t so far. Now a Prince album will be exactly what the doctor ordered!! Come on Prince release your own music soon pleeeez!

  5. The music sounds great! I must admit that I still like her voice better in the more laid-back style she had before she teamed up with Prince (but maybe they can make me change my mind)… Andy Allo excites me a thousand times more than the previous Prince protégée!

  6. When will Prince give this shit up – wheres the new Prince album?!

    I like the horns but apart from that….. yawn.

  7. I like it. Man do I hear the Rufus in that track! Hey P, I’ve been listening to “Do You Love What You Feel” lately- what an underrated bumper. Also reading the Fabulous Sylvester & really immersed in Sylvester 101 right now. Can’t thank u enough for doing Disco Heat. That was paying homage to a brother who still hasn’t fully had his day in the sun. Thanks to U ‘n Maya Rudolph, more people will clue in. Disco Heat snuck up on me and it’s so infectious, it really is church. I wish we coulda heard that in the Bay during W2A shows. I hope you won’t put that one to bed just yet. I will send you some extremely rare videos to u via KS for your enjoyment. Looking forward to nu jams from u. Writing 12 times ever more in ’12, can’t wait til yo record’s on tha shelves.

  8. sounds so funky!!!! yay!

  9. MORE

  10. HOT!!!!

  11. Thanks Drfunkenberry

  12. Thanks for the samples, can’t wait!

  13. Wish List

  14. Can’t wait to hear it live.

  15. Is that the chick Prince has been dating?

  16. I think we wait 4 this record since summer….i think it will be da funk bomb…….
    But we wait 2 4 the new PrInCe ReCoRd tOo…….come on prince…give us a snippe of that ya´ll……

    Peace 2 all the purple underground…

  17. i thought it was really good. the hornz remind me of madhouse which was awesome from prince & eric leeds. not bad singer reminded me a bit of jill jones whom i’m sorry wasn’t respected better. thanks dr. for letting us hear. cathye

  18. Pure Crap!

  19. Fonky! I likes it.

  20. LOVE THAT 1 …. especially LIVE ….SO MUCH POWER INSIDE!!!

    With Love from Berlin

  21. Sounds cool, nice and slick sounding, loving the hornz

  22. Loving that groove!

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