President Obama & Romney To Appear In Opening Segment Of 2012 CMT Awards Tonight!

President Barack Obama. Photo: Politico.com
President Barack Obama. Photo: Politico.com

President Barack Obama. Photo: Politico.com

Both President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney will be appearing on the opening segment of the Country Music Awards Tonight. The show is being hosted by Toby Keith and Kristen Bell.

Political candidates have made appearances on the CMT MUSIC AWARDS in the past.  In 2008, Republican presidential candidate John McCain, and Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama all taped cameos as a part of the show’s open.  With this year’s Presidential race in full swing, both Obama and Romney immediately accepted the offer to appear on CMT.

“The President and Governor Romney each understand the reach of the CMT audience, particularly on our highest-rated night of the year,” said Brian Philips, President, CMT.  “They’re each great sports, they’re ‘in on the joke’, and they each went out of their way to deliver great moments for CMT.  Tune in at the top of the show or you’ll miss them!”

Hmm.  This should be interesting.  The celebrity President aka the POTUS,  and the billionaire reaching out to Country Music fans.  Wonder if both will try to sing.-DocFB

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  1. Country music fans are KNOWN to be overwhelmingly right-wing. But Romney would NEVER win in a singing contest against Obama, I can PROMISE you that, LOL! Plus, I love the cowboy hat on Obama. He even manages to wear that with swag! ;D

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