Video: 64 Year Old Grace Jones Hula Hoops “Slave To The Rhythm”

Grace Jones performed at the Queens Jubilee pulling out "Slave To The Rhythm" and hula hooping to the song. Keep in mind that Grace is 64 years old and still killing it.

Before the Lady Gaga's of the world, Grace Jones was doing her thing. Outrageous outfits. The whole nine.

She has beauty. She has style. You know she has Grace.

Check out the performance above and let us know what you think.-DocFB

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  1. Puts my hola hooping to shame!

  2. WOW! Go Grace!! I showed these kids her videos when lady gaga came out I was like this is who she’s copying. I wish she woulda done “Pull up to my bumper” that would be funny. I think I need a hula hoop!

  3. That is amazing! She looks great & nowhere near 64. She is an icon & phenomenal. I actually attend her twin brother Noel Jones church. I am in awe of him also…

  4. Dayummmmmm!! She got Rhythm!! Just imagine…..

  5. OMG!!!!! Grace Jones is my new hero!!!

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