Grace Jones

Video: 64 Year Old Grace Jones Hula Hoops “Slave To The Rhythm”

Grace Jones performed at the Queens Jubilee pulling out “Slave To The Rhythm” and hula hooping to the song. Keep in mind that Grace is 64 years old and still killing it. Before the Lady Gaga’s of the world, Grace Jones was doing her thing. Outrageous outfits. The whole nine. She has beauty. She has […]

What In The Name Of Grace Jones Is Going On?

Just want to let you know I have been working on the back end (behind the scenes) of the web site since late Thursday working on a few things so that is the reason there haven’t been any posts. Working on things to improve the site and your stay here. You won’t notice them yet. […]

Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Michelle Obama & Tina Turner Grace Cover Of Ebony

The black woman comes in many beautiful shapes, styles, sizes, and obviously, color. Four of the most beautiful and strong black women are on the cover of Ebony magazine this summer.  Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Tina Turner grace the cover of Ebony. For a list of all 25 black women […]