So Is Madonna Craving Attention By Flashing Or What?

Madonna Promo Photo Courtesy Of Universal/Interscope
Madonna Promo Photo Courtesy Of Universal/Interscope Madonna Promo Photo Courtesy Of Universal/Interscope

Madonna. Madonna. Madonna. Pulling out tricks from 20 years ago...and we still fall for it. Oh well, if insulting Lady Gaga doesn't get you attention, flash a titty and see if that does it for you.

At a recent concert in Istanbul, Madonna performed "Human Nature" and in mid-performance pulled out her 53 year old breast to show the world.  It is much better than looking at her hands but still.

We find it interesting that she said at the Super Bowl, she would not be pulling out her breast as it is cheap, and noted that she has done it before.  Hmm.  I'm sure the tour is selling well and everyone is talking about it right?

For the NSFW nipple action, click on the continue reading button....

Check out the action between 2:50 and 3:05 and be careful, it is NSFW!!!!

So cheap ploy or bring on the titty?-DocFB

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  1. Yes she is craving attention. That was so tasteless and foolish!

  2. shes showing off and I love it! Pretty fucking good for 53 years old

  3. I was with Madonna till she pulled out her chi chi on stage, now she looks like a bitter old lady

  4. ‎…and the more people say she shouldn’t do things, the more she’ll do it. Fact.

  5. No, she just doesn’t care what people think. She just does what she wants and that is what riles people.

  6. Whether or not it was a calculated move to garner attention it obviously has people talking. Seriously bloggers are devoting time and space to say they don’t care about Madonnas tit. If you didn’t then you wouldn’t post about it.

  7. Have u seen her arms?
    53 yo boobage *shudder*

  8. Oh god hahah. I’m going to see Madonna with my mother when she comes to Vancouver. I hope she doesn’t show her breasts then hahaha!

  9. Madonna, cheap like always. She was never a musician just a show girl, now a days she is just a waste of time

  10. This bitch needs to stop it already. It just makes her look old and desperate. You can entertain folks and not do silly antics like that. I SMH at Madonna.

  11. THIS IS JUST GRUESOME !!!!!!! I would not attend a show even if U paid me 2 ! Cheap, nasty….bloody awful

  12. she is looking real foolish these day. your tag duz sum it up.

  13. The tags pretty much sum up the whole article.

    @Terri: Nail o(-> Head

  14. well it’s not like she can reach back into her vault of unreleased songs, whip out a guitar solo, lolololol…sooooo…there it is. bewbies!

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