Video: Elisa Fiorillo “Share It With You”

Elisa Fiorillo  Photo:  Molly Her

Elisa Fiorillo has released "Share It With You" her first video in over 20 years! It is directed by Adrian Soto and styled by Richard Hallmarq.

The video was shot in San Francisco/Sacramento and Sydney! The song "Share It With You" is my original song-produced by Elisa and Jazz Trumpet player Tony Guerrero.

Elisa has been performing in her hometown of Las Vegas recently and creating and performing until she gets the call from Prince & The NPG to go play again-which she hopes will be real soon! Until then- she's enjoying the "Hot Summer" and my family & friends.

The song is available for download at:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/elisafiorillo5 and is also available on I Tunes.

We are digging the soulful sound......

Here is a recent performance of Elisa with the David Perrico Big Band called Pop Evolution here in Las Vegas.

Make sure to keep up to date with Elisa at her web site www.elisafiorillo.com

What do you think of "Share It With You" by Elisa Fiorillo?-DocFB

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  1. I love this song by Elisa. She is quite amazing. Her sound is so classic…. I hope to hear more form this lady soon. I’m so glad she’s with the NPG and hopefully if Prince does another tour we can hear this song live! That would be a treat!

  2. Hi Elisa, the video was great & you sound intoxicating! If you close your eyes, you can take anyone on an adventure with the sound of your voice! Cheers!

  3. “Classic” Elisa with the ever Amazing voice, love “Share it with You” also!!

  4. I think it sounds great and she looks good!

  5. Personally! I love the song.. I already got it off I-Tunes!! Elisa has such a velvety voice!! Can’t wait until she brings Prince and the rest of the NPG to the Columbus, Ohio!! ;)

  6. I love this song!

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