Is New R. Kelly Song “Feeling Single” Directed Towards His Ex Andrea Kelly?

Back in the day, when R, Kelly performed anywhere, an award show or television appearance, it was sometimes very over the top. His performance of "Feeling Single" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon showed Kelly can perform stripped down and the only thing he needed was his voice.

No extravagant outfit. His pants stayed on. Although the females at home...their pants may not have been on. The song is good. It is the first R. Kelly song I have liked in a while....yet....you have to wonder....with the title "Feeling Single" and the way he ends it, if it is a message to his ex Andrea Kelly, who is finding her own name and fame on "Hollywood Ex-Wives" with our friend Mayte.

Nonetheless, we are digging the song and if this is what it takes for R. Kelly to be making good music again, I am all for it.

What do you think of "Feeling Single" by R. Kelly? Is the song directed towards Andrea Kelly?-DocFB

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  1. Yea, it is. In the music video he got a lookalike to play the lead.

  2. I think so….

  3. i love Drea on the show. i love the show period. just women helping and supporting eachother

  4. Prob! You know he crazy!

  5. my question is….doc what do u think of Hollywood Exes….

  6. he lost a good one.

  7. You didn’t like Love Letter?

  8. too old to be directed at her.

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