New Music Couple: Katy Perry &….John Mayer???

Katy Perry & John Mayer Photo:  SplashNewsOnline.com

Wow. There have been rumors of them hooking up in June at the Soho House but no photos. Last night, they stepped out...rather publicly. It does appear Katy Perry and John Mayer could be a couple. A rather hot one to be honest.

They were seen photographed together at the Chateau Marmont and did not shy away from camera's..although John looks perturbed. People inside of Marmont said they were holding hands most of the evening and it appeared more than just friendly.

Musically...this can be extremely interesting. Both have made songs inspired by people they have dated in the past, or in Katy's case, whom she married. We LOVE both so we are not saying anything at all but if they are together, I hope they are happy.

This is when I miss John no longer having a Twitter account. Sure Katy will say something like "Can't friends just have dinner together and not be a couple?" We will see....

So we have to ask...are you feeling them as a couple?-DocFB

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  1. Guess I’m in the minority of people who kinda like them together….

  2. @Samar: Or like taking advantage of women when they’re down.

  3. i think his plan is to date every girl in hollywood.

  4. He’s the rebound guy. He won’t be around long.

  5. That will last…John is just making the rounds .. I mean looking for inspiration for new music.

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