Chateau Marmont

Glamtastic! Adam Lambert Gets His Chateau Marmont On; Talks Idol!

Adam Lambert strutted his stuff while leaving the Chateau Marmont last night. He also discussed about wanting to be a judge on “American Idol”..if they asked! In a recent interview, Adam stated: “Dude, if they called me, I’d be like, ‘Yeah. Where do I sign?’ It would be a really cool opportunity to help people […]

New Music Couple: Katy Perry &….John Mayer???

Wow. There have been rumors of them hooking up in June at the Soho House but no photos. Last night, they stepped out…rather publicly. It does appear Katy Perry and John Mayer could be a couple. A rather hot one to be honest. They were seen photographed together at the Chateau Marmont and did not […]

Video: Johnny Depp Jams With ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons

Johnny Depp was in Austin, Texas this weekend and ended up on stage with Billy Gibbon’s ZZ Top and others. Depp seems to be having a good time. He has been seen lately in L.A. chilling at the Chateau Marmont and then here he is ending up in Austin, Texas. The actor has a new movie “The […]

Katy Perry Still Wearing Ring

Katy Perry was in Hollywood last night at the Chateau Marmont and she is still wearing a shiny ring or her ring finger. Let’s see….sent in story to TMZ. Check. Sent in story to People. Check. Waiting for them to talk about it after I pointed it out on Monday? Check. She looked very pretty […]

Megan Fox Still Without Her BAG

Still No Brian Austin Green the last few times we have seen Megan Fox. BAG has been missing in action. New hair-do. Check. Going out to late-night parties. Check.  Could this break-up really be happening now or is he working?  Wait.  Did I just hear a few snickers on your side of the computer screen […]