The NPG’s Shelby J. Talks “We’re All In This 2Gether & Upcoming Solo Album

We're All In This Together Drfunkenberry Cover Edition

A few months ago, after the Trayvon Martin incident, we asked readers of Drfunkenberry.com to send in photos of them in hoodies and we would use it for a future project. That project is a special cover of the Lalah Hathaway "We're All In This Together" song featuring Shelby J., Anthony Hamilton, Take 6 & Crazy Ned.

We caught up with Shelby J recently and talked about Trayvon;

"We must continue to fight for the Justice we need in this World for all of God's children. Trayvon will not be 4gotten or the 100's of other "Trayvon's" that don't get justice."

Also, Shelby told us that the world should get ready for her first upcoming solo album entitled "Just Shelby" and it WILL be released this year.

Shelby's team is currently weighing her many options for who will have the honor of distributing this cd full of as Shelby says "songs with purpose, sayin' somethin', ya dig. Not just rhyming words with no message!"

Shelby believes in true substance over flash in the pan style or "a look" that's here 2day...4gotten about next week! Like Adele said, "She makes music 4 the ears not the eyes". But Ms. Shelby is Very easy on our eyes.

I know folks will feel the depth of soul, struggle, joy, love, determination & experience in her music. She states
I write it, produce it, & stand behind it! A true artist paints their OWN picture."

This being said, I did hear a rumor that some of Shelby's many musical friends may be making guest appearances on her project. But not too many, she says. "I don't get when an artist puts out a record & has a guest artist on like 8 out of 10 songs. I never understood that. Aretha didn't have to do it."

You can also download "We're All In This 2gether" free  HERE!!-DocFB

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  1. Let me guess, Steven Parke designed or “art directed” this wretchedly awful album cover or promotional graphics.

    This looks friggin’ awful. Awful.

    These projects honestly in my view, just don’t matter. They just don’t… how can I say it… like is this lady just hoping Prince FAMS will automatically buy into her stuff? Its like INSTANT fans just because she and perhaps even Prince know that fams, the overzealous, wacko type, just BUY into ANYTHING Prince does regardless of its quality, content, etc.

  2. Can’t wait 4 the album!

  3. Cool! I will buy her cd. I know she will ‘bring it’ without question. I still wish I could hear her sing a cover of ‘Bridge over troubled waters’ because I know she could cover that song just as good as Aretha did back in da day.

  4. Simply beautiful!!!!!!!!

  5. I Hope Shelby will include some of her amazing covers such as “Crazy”

  6. LOVE …we must

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