Exclusive!?!? Nicole Sherzinger Rocks Out With PRINCE….On Her Shirt

Nicole Sherzinger had a long flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to London (Heathrow Airport)and usually when the Doc has long flights, he rocks out to some Prince....on his Ipod. Nicole preferred to keep it cool and comfy.....wearing Prince.

Nicole is in London for "X Factor"...not the US version but the UK version where Simon Cowell has found a place for her.

We assume the Prince shirt is self-made....but it would be cool if there were some Prince shirts to buy online. We know some 7,000 females who would be buying one or 3.

The image is from Prince "The Greatest Romance Ever Sold" video and we have posted it below for your enjoyment. (Hmm. Searches Youtube. Video is not there. Shocker.) Well, for your enjoyment, here is Conan not being able to take his eyes off of Nicole's........breasts.

Looking good Nicole. Hopefully Conan remembers where your eyes are still.-DocFB

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  1. Prince is paying these celebrities some nice doe.

    Most people in the world look at that image and go “what was that from?”… your fam answer: Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic album or era… most people’s reply: “The Joy of the what now?”.

    I don’t thin keven Nicoele Sherzweingerhoff, whomever SHE IS, knows what that image is from! C’mon. Seriuosly, I would of asked her… “Hey! You’s a fan?! cool… you know where that image is from” Her response…”uh no… where’s it from?”


  2. Me likey and me want one!

  3. She’s cute, but her “breasts” are inflatable. Shocker. Since you can’t find “The Greatest Romance Ever Sold” video on YouTube, I suggest you search for the video of Nicole singing the theme from “Phantom of the Opera.” Who would have thought that a Pussycat Doll could sing like THAT?!

  4. “(Hmm. Searches Youtube. Video is not there. Shocker.)” U’re funny Doc :))

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