Exclusive! Hannah Ford Added As Guest Drummer For Prince’s New Power Generation

We just received this breaking news out of Paisley Park;

Hannah Ford has been added as guest drummer to PRINCE’s touring band, the New Power Generation.

She is currently in Chanhassen, Minnesota taking photos and has apparently has been there on 2 other occasions with her husband Joshua jamming with Prince and several members of the band…

Details are sketchy right now but we are promised more info as furute plans become more solid.

The photo above is one of the new shots taken by Justine Walpole.

I have included videos of Hanna doing an improv drum solo and drumming to Skrillex’s “Hey Sexy Lady” for those that may not be familiar with her drumming technique.-DocFB




  1. Teia(wana) Burton

    Why Not Sheila E? She’s MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL, Smart, Talented, KNOWS & Co-Wrote some of the songs. We KNOW & LOVE us some Sheila E! 😉

  2. Tom Wathen

    I was never all that impressed with Sheila E. myself. I think Hanna’s AWESOME and a NATURAL beauty! I hate to see her getting mixed up in the AFKAP illusion, I HATE the eye makeup she has on in this promotional shoot!!! I mush perfer her natural self in the drum solo demonstration. Although she’s no Bonzo yet, she’s full of promise and I PRAY the the self-destructive curse that plaques most GREAT drummers, Bonham, Moon, Rick Allen, ect. NEVER gets ahold of Hannah! I PRAY that she’ll find a GREAT band to become a member of so she doesn’t end up like Buddy Rich doing Demos on the LN TV talk shows! I’d personally love it to see her become involved with a Christian band such as Casting Crowns who has been BLESSED with two greats in former band member Andy Williams and current drummer Brian Scroggin.

  3. Anita

    Yeah she’s good. I can see why Prince would want her a part of the NPG. She’s no Sheila E., but she can hold her own! Good question about if she can play the drum solo from Shhh!!!

  4. Lydia

    She will maybe just a guest, exactly like Andy McKee was in Australia.
    I guess she could play on a “GIRLS” band with Andy Allo for the Open Acts in Chicago…

  5. Anonymous

    J you are a hatter bub she is a beast so just keep on hatten it will get you no where in life god bless to you all………………bbn

  6. Tom Wathen

    Hannah, YOU GO GIRL!!! You’re the REAL DEAL Hon! Although I don’t play, I’ve always been a fan of the GREAT ones and like you I was such a fan of the Zep’s late, GREAT John Bonham that I named a dog I had a long time ago “Bonzo”. Although his solo in “Moby Dick” showcases his talent, his performances in “Kashmir” and “In My Time Of Dying” are both my favs!!! Why are the GREAT ones always so self-destructive?!! I PRAY that you never let that cursed attitude take hold! Please don’t get too caught up in the AFKAP illusion, KEEP IT REAL!!! Put Jesus FIRST in you’re life Hannah and TEAR them skins up girlfriend! You’re gonna go places and you have a brand new fan here, you’ll ALWAYS be in my prayers!!!

  7. Samantha…did a check of comments. All comments are coming from different IP addresses…positive ones that is. There was one person posting as different names…same IP address.

    I know first hand that people will more likely post something negative than something positive. Sad times we live in.

    Haven’t seen her live yet so will leave the judgments until then and wish her congrats on a good gig to have.

    OK, back to the real world. Hate away….

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  9. Annie Christian

    Will be interesting to see a new drummer behind the jams. This dispels Prince urban myth #783 – “Prince no longer works with white people.” I have heard this one many times in the last 20+ years.

  10. Samantha

    The positive comments on here are posted by her dad. Guest drummer means exactly what? You may get to play a song or two in a set or you sit in the chair the whole time? Ambiguity is a specialty of her dad, er, um, I mean publicist. She hasn’t performed in months and depends on clinics to generate cash flow. Sad. Too bad she can’t make it on her own merit but needs hype instead. The scary part is she acts as if she actually believes the whole line of propaganda put out. I guess if you hear it enough you begin to live and believe the lie. I wish her the best but she’s being set up for a hard fall.

  11. AshDenee

    I’ve watched this girl grow up, and she’s one of the most grounded and kind women you’ll ever meet. I can assure you, she got here on her talent and drive…nothing else.

  12. Manic Monday Girl

    She’s pretty good. Glad to see Prince getting some young fresh new talent in the band! John and Michael as well as Shelia are great, but remember they were once young up and coming talent as well. I wish I could be in Chi-town to check it out. 🙁

  13. J

    I hope she is only a guest and not for the whole show. She sucks compared to Prince’s last few drummers like John Blackwell and Michael Bland

  14. Wes

    I’ve watched her improve so much over the years…vry impressed by the talent and dedication she puts into it…follow yur dreams Hannah!

  15. Since when did Britney Spears start playin da drums? Oh my bad! ; P lol Anyway…why have a guest drummer when you already got the best playin 4 ya?!
    I give up.

  16. ….whoa, what a drumming fox! I love me some baddd ass Blackwell but I’ll take this rhythmic eye candy any day. And you know she got to have chops, else P wouldn’t let her in

  17. Immanuel6

    I appreciate Prince changing the line up of his band, but if it ain’t broke then please don’t fix it…JOHN BLACKWELL…thank you very much!

  18. disappointed

    @ Chocolatbox777 ,,Guest drummer” means GUEST DRUMMER , the Q is where NPG will be performing , if Hannah will be as a Guest … so in USA

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  20. chocolatebox777

    This means something is coming soon. But What does guest drummer mean? Is John being replaced? She’s not bad for a girl…LoL

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