Andy Allo Set To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live With PRINCE!

Andy Allo is set to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Tuesday October 23rd with PRINCE. It will be a mini-concert outside.

Going to be in L.A. and want to attend? Click on the continue reading button for how to attend the outdoor concert FREE!

Go HERE for tix, sign up, then go to shows for Kimmel on the 23rd.  Click the tix that have Prince's image on it.  There is a 2 ticket limit.

Do not miss this FREE event with the FONKIEST band on the planet.

Diagnosis: Wonders if The Highlands club across the street is still open. Thinking of maybe a place for Andy & the NPG to jam afterwards? The Avalon. House of Blues? Hmm....

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  1. wow!…bet it will be a very nice mini concert…i really really want to go…i really could not wait to see the PRINCE…but got to wait for my chance…praying that God will make a way for me…..waiting for an open door…May Godbless you both and the NPG band…..

  2. I think the caption of this post should say “Amatuer Night at the Allo”. A very sad situation where a real musician should have the opportunity. Can anyone say “Millie Vanilli”?

  3. Thanks so much for this info., Doc!! I’m so looking forward to this!!

  4. Love the fact that Prince is doing more tv performances – like the iheart radio festival. I’ll be recording Kimmel’s show that night for sure !! […Wonder if Matt Damon will finally appear ? ;) ]

  5. YAY! Got my tix yesterday afternoon, THANKS DOC!

  6. … thanks Doc :0)

  7. @Immanuel6 … maybe Nokia ? :-) (YAY)

  8. Pissed…I just took the night off for this Thursday…Jesus help me…..No tickets…there better be an aftershow that I can attend…..

  9. Great, should be good.

  10. I need an aftershow….Prince please…..

  11. I’m so glad you started putting your “DIAGNOSIS” back up. I love it!!

  12. Just to know he’s going to be that close to me gives me shivers….

  13. Good!

  14. Happy to hear about this performance on Jimmy Kimmel. I love Prince and Andy Allo’s music…and it helps that they are beautiful souls too. They work so hard but they do it for us fans and we appreciate all that they do!

  15. YAY!!!!! We just run Prince ragged! I want him 2 rest, but Heaven help me I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!!!! He’s so good to us! I got my fingers crossed for the return of that afro!

  16. “People Pleaser” & “Extralovable” would be my hopes. Would be cool to see both live.

  17. She’s an interesting new addition to his life right now it seems. Love makes things happen?

  18. Hi Dr, thank you for the info praying you’re doing well. Hoping for a cure for your diagnosis : )

  19. Thanks for sharing the info can’t wait to watch

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