Prince “Rock & Roll Love Affair” Video Premiere! Watch Now!

Here is the video for "Rock & Roll Love Affair" the new video by PRINCE featuring Andy Allo and Hannah Ford.

Jamie Lewis of Purple Music did say the video would be released this week and it did premiere on overseas television this morning. Purple Music has just officially put up the video on their youtube page.

Digging the video. Always like performance videos from Prince though.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thoughts?

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  1. I’m not a hater but this one doesn’t really grab me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad but it doesn’t knock me off my feet and blow me away.

    No one can argue that Prince isn’t a spectacular artists and was a ground breaker 30 years ago. I can only imagine how difficult it is to create without duplicating. It must be very hard to have some fans that simply want to hear 1999 and Little Red Corvette and are disappointed when anything new that comes out doesn’t mimic previous work. However, my opinion is he is still searching (perhaps?) and this is a work in progress (I hope). Otherwise, if this is the final destination of his latest journey it falls short.

    In the interim, he can surround himself with eye candy and at least please some of his fans. I will say that he looks spectacular for 54 years of age. I hope I age half as gracefully.

  2. High energy, nicely done.

  3. Yeahh! I Love it! Just 2 h and the recordstore will Open! Like in the good old days 😉 thank you Prince and now bring a hole Album!! On Vinyl to please!!!!!!!!

  4. I really dig this video ! He should do more video :)

  5. I like the song more lyrically than for it’s musical content. The video is nice because we get to see him.

  6. Starting to appreciate what he puts out more and more…and the organic sound from Andy and Prince is way better than anything since 2009.

  7. Oh, it’s not “his best” (whatever that is), it’s not funk (oh dear) and guess what it sounds like umm what’s his name? Prince!! It is a solid song with a great melody that grows on you. He looks gorgeous and so cool in that video. I love his music and that he is so creative and full of surprises. Full stop.

  8. I think it’s great, video is great, he’s hot, love the lyrics! :)

  9. It’s a pretty good track. I’m hoping a full album is to come but RNR Affair is alright. Hey us purple peeps will take whatever Prince is willing to release! We love u Prince!

  10. So regular…even for a song that is a plagiarism of other compositions of himself.
    I really miss videoclips as good as Batdance, Face Down, Get Off or Alphabet St.
    Too bad those days will never return.

  11. Just got my fill of Prince-ly joy and groove!
    Went down better than the plate of turkey and mashed potatoes I ate earlier.
    “That’s when his cup overflowed…” Mmmmm

  12. Love it. A nice laid back joint.

  13. Been a fan since 84, and I’m definitely not feeling the song. I agree with Marco it’s not his best. Definitely demo material/just through some stuff together. The video was cool though.

  14. I agree with you Marco.

  15. No, I’m not a hater.
    It’s a opinion, do you know “opinion”?
    It’s a poor track to me but I’m not God so…
    Maybe for someone Prince is God, not to me. If he do something bad I can talk about it.

  16. It’s nice…thought he was beyond the need to do a video tho’… probably just to draw attention to Superconductor, altho’ a new Prince album would be nice. It’s a good track, the haters will always hate…if he pulled a bunch of stuff from his heyday from the vault, carefully selecting stuff that didn’t get bootlegged, and put it out as an album, there would still be people crying that he hasn’t written a good track since the very time period the tracks (secretly) were from!!! His last album was stellar, this track sounds like he pulled it from the vault and finished it to me, so…

  17. The video is good.
    The song it’s very poor for his standard (or old standard?).
    Sorry Prince.
    Put togheter a good album please.

  18. Cool video !

  19. THIS IS IT!

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