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Prince “Rock & Roll Love Affair” Video Premiere! Watch Now!

Here is the video for "Rock & Roll Love Affair" the new video by PRINCE featuring Andy Allo and Hannah Ford.

Jamie Lewis of Purple Music did say the video would be released this week and it did premiere on overseas television this morning. Purple Music has just officially put up the video on their youtube page.

Digging the video. Always like performance videos from Prince though.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thoughts?


PRINCE’s “Rock & Roll Love Affair” Single Artwork Revealed! In Stores 11/22

PRINCE's "Rock & Roll Love Affair" official single will be released overseas by Purple Music on November 22nd and we have obtained the artwork, which you can see above.

The single will include

-Original version
-Radio version
-2 Jamie Lewis Club Mixes

The release will be released on a picture disc, 12" inch vinyl and CD single.

There is no word on when the video will be released as well. It debuted at the Sayers Club in late October in Los Angeles.

We have not heard the remixes yet but I have heard from those that have and they are digging it. As SOON as I can get my ears on some samples, I will post it to share.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Rock, Rock, Love Affair....."


PRINCE’s “Rock & Roll Love Affair” & Andy Allo’s “People Pleaser” Videos Premiere At Sayers Club

Before Andy Allo and PRINCE took the stage at The Sayers Club, the music video's for "Rock & Roll Love Affair" and "People Pleaser" were world premiered.

Prince's "Rock & Roll Love Affair" video was shown first. It is a performance clip that was filmed at his Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis. It features Andy Allo playing a heart-shaped guitar and Hannah Ford playing drums in the video.

Prince doesn't hide the words on the carpet of the NPG Music Club, his former web site that won a Webby and recieved accolades for the services and music it provided. Prince's video strengths have mostly been in performance videos such as "Musicology", "Call My Name", "Little Red Corvette", and "1999". Although videos such as "Black Sweat" were very good, his performance clips have been better.

The video was shot by Chris Robinson in color but sometimes shows behind the scenes camerawork in black & white. Prince is sporting the fro and shades in the entire video.

Later in the night, Prince asked me what I thought of Hannah in the video and I said "She is cool" and then Prince said "She is gonna make me look like a star" which got a laugh from Hannah.

Next was Andy Allo's "People Pleaser" video which was a full length video as well shot at Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis in September.

It features her entire band with horn players along with close-ups of Andy singing and some profile shots as well. The video reminded me of old George Benson videos to where the musicians are actually an integral part of the concept of the video, which is rare nowadays.

The performance clip works well for Andy on "People Pleaser" and alos features a segment where words flash on the screen and back to Andy singing them.

Both video's are not low-budget and are quite good and polished in the sense of the musicianship is captured for all to see.

Prince and Andy debuting their new video's in a Hollywood nightclub is following the trend of Lana Del Rey and other's who have been doing so before the video's are released elsewhere.

Andy was pleased with the video and thanked the crowd during her set for allowing her to show it to them before anyone else.

There is no word when the video's will be out for the world to see, but as soon as we have more info on that or obtain the video, it will be shared here.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I believe in fairy-tales and Prince's and...Andy Allo...


Prince Performs “Rock & Roll Love Affair” On Kimmel! Watch Now!

Here is the performance of "Rock & Roll Love Affair" by PRINCE performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

There will be a version of "Dance Electric" posted later in the morning.

There are several videos from fans from the Kimmel performance if you know how to use the youtube search feature. If I post it here, it will get snatched quicker than one of Snooki's cookies.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I know more of you are now believing in fairytales and PRINCE's....


PRINCE’s “Rock & Roll Love Affair Going For Adds On Euro Radio + More!

Prince's new single "Rock & Roll Love Affair" has entered the charts before it's official release overseas November 2nd.

It has entered the German Top 300 Charts at number 184 and has been sent today to over 200 radio programmers all over Germany so the chart position should increase within a few days. Germany's biggest radio station SWR3 has the song in heavy rotation.

In Italy, the response has been rather positive and is being sent to over 300 radio and media networks there today.

In France, the adds have been somewhat slow, which is surprising, with about a 100 stations playing the song. That should increase shortly.

In Switzerland, Radio 1 was playing the song every 2 and a half hours along with other stations over there playing the song at least 3 times a day.

Expect more attention from music blogs and other media outlets in the next week when it concerns the song and the release on Purple Music November 2nd, 2012.

As of this writing, we do not know about a US release or an Itunes release.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do You believe in fairytales and Prince's?


PRINCE’s New Song “Rock & Roll Love Affair” Debuts On European Radio; On Sale November 2nd

Purple Music will be distributing the new PRINCE single "Rock & Roll Love Affair" in Europe and other countries starting November 2nd. The single is debuting on European radio starting today.  The cover above is for radio promo only.

Purple Music distributed "Dance 4 Me" remixes last year for Prince. Purple Music made the announcement via it's Facebook Page early this morning.

The announcement of the single being released on vinyl, CD, and digital single was made by the Swiss site 20 Minutes Online with the full version of "Rock & Roll Love Affair" for you to play, which we have included below.

I do find it interesting that the "Purple Rain" font of Prince's name was used. Maybe a throwback to that or something else.

There was a video shot for this last month but word when that video will debut or where. Not sure of this being released in the U.S. the way it is being distributed through Purple Music, but I imagine it could be purchased as an import after it's release overseas.

What do you think of the cover and song?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Jamie Lewis of Purple Music contacted us.  The artwork above is for the radio promotion and is NOT the artwork that will be used for the single cover.