PRINCE Thanks U! Promises 2013 Will Be Big

Prince NPG Records 2013

Happy New Year! This is our 7,000 post and going into 2013, we see big things happening for the site and one of the greatest artists of all time, PRINCE.

PRINCE sent us something that he wanted to share with the site and you.

PRINCE wants to thank U, the fans, for supporting the NPG over the past year and always.

PRINCE & The NPG is putting U on notice that 2013 is going to be BIG. Stay Tuned….

We want to say thank U to PRINCE for the rehearsal jams he has shared over the year with us to share with U. They were and are amazing and we are nothing but appreciative to be able to share them here first.

We want to thank you the fans for supporting the site and one of a kind artists like PRINCE.

We cannot wait to find out what PRINCE & The NPG have in store for us in 2013 and it has just started.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 2013 20-13=7? Hmmm



  • khaled Abu-aisheh
    Posted at 12:11h, 04 May


  • khaled Abu-aisheh
    Posted at 12:10h, 04 May

    thanks, a great fan

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 11:35h, 24 January

    I was looking at the name Prince and the NPG and realized he’s used that “New Power Generation” moniker since 1989’s Graffiti Bridge era. I wonder why that name has had such affinity for him as he could’ve easily have continued used the name “The Revolution” and just had a revolving door of musicians over the years like he’s done with the NPG name. While I think the name “New Power Generation” was cool, it’s anything but “New” at this point and I’m wondering if Prince will ever come up with another name for his band? It’d be cool if in the next year, Prince had a contest for worldwide fans to come up with a “New” name for his band. That’d be cool. But, considering Prince had the words, “NPG Music Club” put on the floor on both his and Andy Allo’s recent video, I don’t see a name change happening. Speaking of “NPG Music Club”, why did Prince use that in both music videos? Is he bringing the “Music Club” back? Hhhmmm.

  • MerryG
    Posted at 09:08h, 24 January

    Sorry I missed the spreecast last night – is there anyway the format can include iPad accessability? Bummer not to be able to join in with such a great group of people in the room. Hope to catch it next week…but thanks for keeping us informed with the latest Prince updates!

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