Andy Allo Hits The Grammy Parties!!!

Andy Allo  Photo:

Andy Allo has been hitting the Grammy circuit and in style! The “Superconductor” has been doing the rounds while in Los Angeles.

Andy Allo Photo:

Not only has she been hitting up the parties promoting her album “Superconductor” she took time out yesterday to do an amazing shoot with Mathieu Bitton. You can check out an exclusive photo from the shoot HERE.

We are looking forward to Andy getting more press in the year 2013 and hitting us with some “Yellow Gold” soon.-DocFB

Diagnosis: When Stars Collide….




  1. TheBeautifulOne

    Good luck to her. She is just doing what she needs to do in that business to get ahead and have success. Outfit is nice except the shooz don’t go with that.

  2. Lavender~Lady Anita

    Party & ” ROCK ON” Andy!
    Hmmm the colors she’s wearing looks like Prince’s color palette.
    What do u all think ?
    Will Andy be escorting Prince the evening of the Grammy’s? THOUGHTS anyone?
    * IF you follow today’s music… You would know that
    Andy Allo is a Prince “protege” for lack of a better word.
    Hail to her “Super-Conductress” !
    Peace & Love to All

  3. Kcool's Chocolate Box

    Eye wonder did Prince design her threads? It looks good on her.

    @ Modernaire. I’m pretty sure no one knows who U r. That was uncalled 4 dude..

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