Exclusive! On Set Of Andy Allo Photo Shoot With Mathieu Bitton!

Andy Allo & Mathieu Bitton Photo By Katya Yarotskaya
Here is an EXCLUSIVE photo of Andy Allo being photographed by the brilliant Mathieu Bitton!  This photo was taken by by journalist Katya Yarotskaya and shared graciously with us!

The shoot was done with Mathieu Bitton at Church Boutique in Los Angeles. It is a fashion story for the March 2013 issue of Rolling Stone Russia Magazine.

Andy is in town for the Grammys and already making quite a splash at the parties. Last week, she put out a touching tribute to her nephew Sudama, and the story behind his name, which you can listen to below.

Mathieu Bitton’s “Looking Back On Love” documentary has been released on I-Tunes and was a top 5 seller. Bitton will be having a retrospective show and catalog with Bui Gallery at a John Lautner mansion in LA Feb. 18th.

Don’t forget that Andy is set to be featured on the Guitar Center Sessions  Feb. 22nd, 2013 and is hoping for a tour in the Spring.

We want to thank Andy and Mathieu for letting share this photo here before anywhere else!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Hot Like Soup! 




  1. Michael Zachowisz

    Wow Bitton and Allo. Am I dreaming? Huge fan of his photos and love her album. Who’s next, P? Hmmm

  2. Lavender~Lady Anita

    Tnx for the sneak-peak!
    Rock on SuperConductress!!!!
    Peace & Love to All!

  3. André

    Agree with Barbara. A beautiful woman and a really talented photographer should result in some amazing and cool pictures. Mathieu takes incredible pictures so Russia will surely soon fall in love with our Superconductor…

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  5. Barbara

    A beautiful woman with such great talent – ‘to Russia with love’ from Superconductor Andy!!

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