Adam Lambert Shines With Friends N’ Family

Adam Lambert Photo:  GettyImages.com

No Grammy nominations? No problem for Adam Lambert. The star attended the "Friends N' Family" pre-Grammy party Friday night shining.

His suit was def looking "Glam" as he posed for pictures and talked with cameras before heading into the event held at Paramount Studios.

Adam Lambert  Photo: GettyImages.com

We are disappointed that Adam didn't receive any Grammy nods. We think the "Trespassing" album is quite cool and as much as we would LOVE new material by Lambert, "Trespassing" deserves a better fate. A far better fate.-DocFB

Diagnosis: He's not done..and not cuckoo....right Glamberts?

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  1. I so agree with you all.ADAM was so badly mistreated!! I think Adam should go were He is loved:Egland,Poland,Phillpines,Aussy,Germany,China,on and on.THE VERY FIRST QUESTION ADAM IS ASKED: WHAT IS WRONG WITH Adams country??And ADAM being ADAM try’s hard to explain just once I’d love for him to just say He just doesn’t understand himself.but Adam won’t.I’m just one of thousand GLAMBERTS!!!! LOVE YOU ADAM!!

  2. It’s a mystery that the industry has snubbed the Album. I think it is even better than FYE which got an Grammy nod for WWFM. Something’s rotten in the state of US radio!

  3. No dissenting voice here. Adam definitely should have been nominated AND asked to perform! There’s no one today who can perform better live, period. Trespassing is da bomb and Shady is my jam!

  4. What is the Problem?? How can an album as Incredible as Trespassing not get Air time and have Grammy Nominations? Trespassing out shines anything on the radio today. Adam Lamberts Voice is more powerful and outstanding then anyones in pop today…so WHY is he over looked by the industry. What is it going to take!
    There’s no denying Adam is an Extraordinary talent in every form, and his loyal Glamily will always be devoted and support everything he does. Adams Voice and Music is so Phenomenal it defies logic WHY it’s not getting Air Play and Awards!!
    The world wide Glamily will continue to TURN OFF the Awards Shows, Radio, and put in Adams cds. The music Industry is making a HUGE Mistake!

  5. Grammys certainly got it all wrong. Adam Lambert deserved a nom for Trespassing!!! Fantastic album!

  6. It’s encouraging that the comments on these articles echo the rants of my own heart – there is an ARMY of people who passionately feel that Adam was robbed this year by the Grammys and by U.S. radio/the industry in general. They can’t ignore us forever. Adam isn’t going anywhere but up.

  7. I agree, Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” should be up for not just one Grammy nod, but rather several. The Album is truly a well crafted piece of work!!!

  8. I can’t tell you how many people here in the US i’ve spoken to about Adam have no idea where he’s been or what he’s been doing. Such a travesty when he’s so monumentally talented and Trespassing is such an excellent album, all tracks exceptionally good. The DJs seem to love him and have such a great time with him during promo interviews, but still, even after so many requests, Adam gets no radio play. One actually admitted it was the “higher ups” and program directors. With all of his overseas success, it makes the US look like a poor judge of vocal ability and showmanship, judgemental and archaically conservative when it comes to male, gay entertainers. For a diverse country, it’s bullied by political conservatives that own the communication outlets, but hopefully demand will eventually triumph. Thankyou so much for acknowleging Adam. He’s the whole glam package and the man can really sing!

  9. He looks so Gorgeous ♥ & I’m very proud of what Adam did with his album Trespassing ♥ & all he acomplushed this past year!

  10. ADAM rules pop now.we all know whats going on.As a forever Glambert !!!!I’m saving my money to go see ADAM live!! I’m very glad this years tours are all out of the US because then mainstrom of US DOES NOT SEE ADAM LIKE THE SUPERSTAR HE IS!!!!!WAKE UP US YOU HAVE A SUPERSTART RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!But Adam your fan base is firm and we will stand with you.see you soon.

  11. Adam’s vocal technique has been ranked by vocal technique experts as 2nd (1st Freddie Mercury) and everyone who interviews him never fail to mention how NICE and HUMBLE he is. Trespassing debuted as #1 on Billboard. YET, American radio stations refuse to play his music.

    I will never look down on anyone who remains closeted until after their success ever again……

  12. Thanks for the complimentary words with regard to Adam Lambert and his superb album, “Trespassing.” Listening to Top 40 there are some good tracks, but Lambert’s songs are as good, or better, than the vast majority of them. Is there some kind of payback in the business or is the choice completely driven by the “suits” to play only those tracks they know will bring in the money? Thank heavens for iTunes and YT so we get to hear Lambert’s unearthly vocals whether radio plays him or not.

  13. Adam Lambert is an International Pop Star yet, in his own country
    he’s ignored. What is it with these $*%(heads?? They wouldn’t know
    talent if it bit them in the ass! And, at this point I feel that Adam is
    just too good for them. His vocals are immaculate, he’s a stand out
    performer. The guy is classy. I also think he’s too intelligent for them.

    Whatever their problem is, Adam Lambert won’t need them in the long
    run. He’s an icon in the making. Glamberts recognized that from the
    start. We love Adam because he’s the one voice we’ve been waiting
    for. That one voice that would, to paraphrase a line from one of Adam’s songs “Make us want to listen to music again!” And he did! Adam is continuing his career andwe couldn’t be happier for him.
    We’re looking forward to the third album.
    Trespassing was all he said it would be and more. He never lets us down, and]
    he keeps it real! You rock, Adam!!!

  14. There is something seriously wrong with the music industry in America. This outstanding, critically acclaimed album, Trespassing, has been completely ignored in his own country by the music industry. I don’t understand the attitude they have towards a man who is the best male vocalist to come along in a long time, has made a cutting edge body of work and is one of the nicest guys in the biz to boot – not sure I want to understand it either.

  15. Adam is already starting to write new music and will be in Asia and Europe starting Feb 17 right into later part of March to promote Trespassing. Internationally, Adam is loved and appreciated for the magnificent talent that he is. What is wrong with North America and radio? No appreciation for songs on Trespassing. Adam is feeling the love from other part of the world. The worse part of it all, is North America are the losers, because without radio getting his great music out there, people here are not getting a chance to hear his kick ass music. What a shame : (

  16. Adam is too cool for the USA. Luckily for us Glamberts, other countries more than accept him, they embrace him. Looking forward to round 3…..

  17. He’s amazing! Trespassing is the best pop album ever! Radio refused to play his songs & it didn’t get the exposure to get out to the masses. But this is not going to hold Adam back! One thing Glamberts know is that Adam is FIERCE! He will be an icon, mark my words!

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